India Accelerator | Turning Ideas into Assets



India Accelerator is a seed-stage accelerator program that helps startups grow from GOOD to GREAT. It’s a structured program that can bring the building blocks for a startup under one roof – the much needed mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial etc) and last but not the least, the capital. It is the ONLY GAN partnered, mentorship-driven, program in India.

We only accept about 2% of the applications that come our way from startups. But we know what it means to build something from scratch, and it's hard. So no matter who you are or what stage you’re at, you'll be treated with #respect.

While there is a serious shortage of investment at Seed stage in the country, money should be the least of the reasons for start-ups to apply to an accelerator. In essence, we aspire to create a noble eco-system for the founders to focus, build and grow their start-ups. We are an absolutely Founder-Friendly Accelerator!

IA Manifesto

We are uncovering better ways of supporting Start-ups to learn, ideate, create and accelerate. Through this work we have come to value:

Collaboration & Interaction
over individuals and closed doors.
Supporting Entreprenuers
over making money.
Relationships & Community
over contract negotiation.
Learning & Sharing
over siloed approach.
Innovation & Disruption
over status quo.

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

How we started

The Indian Startup ecosystem is exploding but the mortality rate is still very high. We are still in the early stages compared to the west and hence lack the maturity and the macro level understanding. While Accelerators are a norm in the US, with each city having its own, India is still catching up with a gaping delta. We ourselves struggled with our startups initially which led to the genesis of India Accelerator. We felt the need of a meaningful player for startups, which can provide them the panoramic understanding of running a business.

IA handholds the selected startups through the 4-month program, and post that, to help channelize the investment in the most effective way so investors get the bang for their buck.