It is not that only freelancers can use these new management tools but they are popular because of the flexibility prospect. On one hand work flexibility might be fine but when it’s about work ethic and submitting the project on the right time and following up with the right deadlines some of these tools can come in handy and hence become a crucial part of a professionals daily work life.

So, there is a long list of such tools and they can be segregated under categories such as:

  1. Time Management Tools
  2. Freelance Writing Tools
  3. Freelance Organizational Tools
  4. Freelancers project Management Tools
  5. Entrepreneurial and Legal Tools
  6. Freelancer Social Tools  

Now you must not feel that because they begin with the title freelancers they are freelancer specific. Any professional can use these for management purposes and they have several alternatives; with minor differences and hence you can choose your custom tools to work along yourself.

The Management Tools

Teux Deux

It is a To Do list application, where one can manage their daily work routine. It helps you manage your time all around the day. Generally what happens is one can lose focus easily but something like Teux Deus keeps you on your toes. This can be a great application if you feel that you need to manage your time.

Rescue Time  

This is again a time management application but it is for managing your time as you work on your device. So, you can keep track of how you end up spending your time on your computer. At the same time it lets you analyze, for instance if you are spending 4 hours of your day on Social Media and 10 hours on coding etc.

With the help of Rescue time you can manage your time more judiciously.

Focus Booster  

Do you generally have troubles working in small sprints? For example when clients tell you to follow up on a timeline? What Focus Booster does is; assists you to tackle timelines and deadlines more smoothly. It keeps your stress levels low by regularly reminding you of the tasks that are to be processed.

Text Expander  

So, all the professional communication happens on emails and the emails are commonly of similar context, with the use of similar vocabulary which needs to industry specific. Therefore, the Text Expander helps you send emails that have 80% of similar data with similar examples foe examples ‘Proposals’; they are very similar content wise.

So, what the application does is with its additional features helps you optimize-

  1. Pre-program to fix Typos
  2. Use different signatures for different Clients
  3. Auto-insert and enables other Information per project basis.

So, you can use any of these Time management tools as per your best work requirements. You just need to figure what you exactly require.

Writing Tools

Open Office

This is an alternative application to paid Microsoft office. This application helps you save data on external memory device. And Open Office is all free. The additional features include Open office writer- where you can use fully featured writing feature, easy export to PDF making a perfect setting for e-books, they also have Guides, pamphlets, and other necessary sharing features for PDF format.

Some other internal tools- Charts, Formatting etc. similar to Microsoft Office.

Write Room

When it comes to writing focus is crucial. This is a full screen writing tool, though available only on Mac. It features a total black background and no menu bar options. It blocks out all the toolbar, even the start menu. Simply, helps you focus write.

Dark Room  

This is similar to Write Room. Just that Dark room is for PC as Write Room is for Mac.

Zen Writer

This is an alternative to the above mentioned tools. It has a full screen writer available, just no dark background, that is to say matrix style. It has more of a serene light. So those who do not like black can opt for this one.

Freelancers Organization Tools

Drop Box

It is a simple drag and Drop box system. Essentially for any files you might require during sending out emails or proposals, you can just access the Drop Box cloud system where all the required files are stored for you. So, if you are working with a team, everyone can access the Drop Box and communicate smoothly.


It allows you to sort the long standing bills or receipts and organize your finances. This saves a lot of time when you are looking after your accounts or a team’s accounts.

Some Features:

  1. Expense Reports
  2. Accounting Entries
  3. Contact List
  4. Extract Data from Paper

Better Buzzer

It is a reminder tool which works through a built in calendar tool. So, you can set this up for the absolutely critical stuff and the buzzer will not stop calling; is the application promise.

So, with these tools you can work out your time, your emails, your finances etc. What we so many times find trivial is very crucial; may it be our coffee receipts, expense reports or proposal emails etc.

Project Management Tools

Mind Meister

This application helps you make mind maps and road maps you require to complete your long term and short term goals but using electronic devices.

They have both free and a paid version. Free version does integrate most of the features but the premium plans are quite reasonable too. Therefore, you can utilize Mind Meister at affordable rates.

Free Camp  

This is a must try. This is a free option and an alternative to Best camp. This is best in business till date, so do not waste time and do try the free version.

Google Apps

Google plus Apps. Yes the application helps you connect with tech savvy users and it provides a platform to further promote yourself, because it is run by the world’s biggest search engine. Ya! You are right, it is Google configures tool.


Very popular among the masses a task management system, which aids in delegating tasks easily for the users. You can manage your work on it and optimize your delivery.

Some other Tools


This provides you social media insights. Statistics such as when are your twitter followers online the most and that is how you can bring in effect your social media strategy. Social media has become such an important part of the entrepreneurial world that tools like these can empower a business if used effectively.

May it be freelancers working from home or small businesses working form Co-working spaces, or startups working from there private office spaces. They all require something in their daily life to rigorously optimize their work practices. Tools like these have made running a business cost-effective. It might not provide you with detailed custom accessories but they do give anyone a chance to begin something and not be dependent on someone to work the technical out. They empower you towards a better work lifestyle and way better work culture.  

What I would suggest is; if you need any such kind of custom assistance for work then just go online and I bet you, there is a tool for that. And the best part is now you can it yourself. Talk a large coffee and work calmly with all these tools around you which makes you Zeus at your profession. Might you be a startup sitting at a co-working office or a founder just trying to work things around your newly founded business, these tools promise a better work day for you.