Lawyered has officially acquired InCourt News (IC), making it a leading player in the legal-tech solutions space and boosting future growth prospects manifold. InCourt News offers solutions pertaining to vital information sharing and dissemination in common language for everyone along with providing timely updates about happenings in the legal sector. According to the co-founder & CEO at Lawyered, Himanshu Gupta, the company was hugely impressed with the business vision of the founding team at InCourt News which was totally in sync with Lawyered’s future blueprint and mission. Lawyered is currently embarking on an ambitious growth plan with an aim towards building itself up as a national forerunner for legal services via its lawyer discovery platform.

This acquisition enhances Lawyered’s overall Legal Tech expertise, boosting product based advisory and innovation along with helping it create an ecosystem to link all aspects of this business. InCourt News functions as an app for legal news, choosing relevant updates and news from various Court judgments and other sources, summarizing stories within 60 words or even less. It offers simplified legal updates with headlines, images, backgrounds and brief descriptions. With Lawyered on a mission to empower people legally, the acquisition naturally creates a strong synergy between the two entities.

According to the Founder at InCourt News, Sanjay H Aggarwal, the company is thrilled to come on-board at Lawyered for scaling up its mission of being a legal-tech solutions leader nationally. InCourt News is now planning to scale up its overall market penetration and outreach in the next quarter with regular updates and social outreach for members at Lawyered. The amount paid for the acquisition remains undisclosed till now. The acquisition took place through equity swapping between the two companies. The Lawyered board will now have a place for Sanjay H Aggarwal post the deal.

Lawyered is a unique legal-tech solution that is tailored to enhance the interaction of people with the legal system and also within the industry itself. Lawyered introduces customers to experienced and skilled lawyers with a mission towards enforcing equality and righteousness above all else. Lawyered helps in building relationships with top lawyers for guidance throughout one’s personal and professional lives. The acquisition of InCourt News will only lend more credence to Lawyered’s mantra of being a one-stop solution in the legal-tech sector. Lawyered will be able to harness the content and social outreach expertise of InCourt News for catering to its own network while offering a 360-degree solution combining various aspects of the entire legal industry.