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The Program: S2019

India Accelerator is a sector and stage agnostic acceleration program, spread over 4 months where 5~10 selected start-ups will be provided with technology, business services and incubation space along with intense mentoring focused on the individuality of product and business development. Startups receive INR 15 Lakhs to INR 25 Lakhs in perks and services, with the potential to score follow-on funding after the demo day. And of course, large amounts of external perks that our incubated startups receive from our 200+ GAN partners. We work intensively to help build teams, find a product-market fit and chalk out market-specific growth strategies.

Submit your application online by 31st Jan-19.
Early submissions increase the chances of early decision, so apply at the earliest. We may accept applications after the deadline - but only in exceptional cases.


India Accelerator simplified the learning process. From the detailed lessons on numbers to philosophy, every base covered! All the while, discovering the essence and the individuality of the startups. It is a journey that we coming back to everytime we hit a hurdle.

Himanshu Gupta
CEO, Lawyered

Acceleration in the truest sense! Failures are inevitable in the startup environment and that is a fact. But having a team like IA is like having a gigantic cushion, which not only makes it easier to jump back but to jump back higher. IA has played a pivotal role in supplying the key connects and mentorship apart from the funding that we've received. Thankful to be a part of it.

Amit Kumar
CEO, GalaxyCard

The IA has played an instrumental role in success of Insurance Samadhan. The program touched base and deep dived into every aspect of the the Insurance technology, which led us to create a market relevant product. The journey has thrown a lot of learning curves and we're glad that IA was there, at every step of the way, with the training wheels/safety net. IA , not only has given us a platform to take a big leap but also has groomed us to understand every aspect of the start up and business. We see ursefl atleast a year ahead.

Deepak Uniyal
Co-Founder, Insurance Samadhan

IA was the first investor in Kuants way back when it was at an ideation stage and am more than grateful to the team for being so helpful in terms of providing us with their faith, resources and connects that have enabled Kuants to grow. IA is a team that always holds up the backs of founders and supports them in the volatile journey of a startup.

Ayush Gangwar
Co-Founder, Kuants
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