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India Accelerator is a seed-stage accelerator program that helps startups grow from GOOD to GREAT. It’s a structured program that can bring the building blocks for a startup under one roof – the much needed mentorship, the network, the technology, the peripheral services (like legal, financial etc) and last but not the least, the capital. It is the ONLY GAN partnered, mentorship-driven, program in India.


IA provides mentorship driven incubation and acceleration program to start ups mainly in areas of AI/Chat Bots, Blockchain, Health Tech, Financial Services, Consumer Commerce and Mobile (iOS & Android). In the upcoming batch, India Accelerator (IA) will be considering upto 7 most promising - early stage and technology oriented start-ups to help them transform their idea into a meaningful companies.

Commenting on the announcement, Mona Singh, Co-founder and Partner of India Accelerator said, “We truly understand the importance of innovation in today’s emerging era of start-ups which is exploding like never before. Therefore, we nurture the promising start-ups by achieving both a financial return and a positive economic & social impact. Our next batch of incubation program will be based on the guiding principle – ‘Accelerating with purpose’ which will help them build an impactful business out of their ideas.”

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