Summer 2020 Cohort


Answer Genomics is a genetic research organization building commercially viable genomic solutions for the Indian population. It follows product oriented practical research to prognose, diagnose, prevent and cure a range of lifestyle and clinical disorders known to have a genetic basis. It brings Genomics, Nutrition Science, Exercise Physiology strung together on a backbone of Machine Learning for their Genomic Wellness Product.


Gateway VR empowers Interior Designers & Architects to create interior layouts in 2D, 3D & VR instantly with real, ‘available-in-the-market’ products!

Recycled Products

Recycle.green is an online marketplace selling recycled products in categories like home decor, office and stationary, apparel, gifts, event essentials, and travel essentials

Artificial Intelligence

Fit Buddy is a ‘personalized training and monitoring’ mobile application which utilizes Computer Vision & Deep Learning algorithms to provide personalized training experience to sports & fitness enthusiasts and empower them to transform into world class athletes and performer


Gamechest is a free and real money multiplayer gaming platform hosting contests across a plethora of game types. GameChest is available across all digital form factors Mobile App, Mobile Web, Tablet, and PC. GameChest will also distribute Software Development Kits (SDKs) and expose API’s which will enable 3rd party game developers to access GameChest’s user base to run real-money gaming contests on their apps, this opening a new monetization channel.

Cyber Security

Technisanct is a big data cybersecurity start up based in India. We intend to fight the issues of cyber threats, spreading of misinformation, privacy and data breaches negative campaigns using big-data and artificial intelligence.

Electric Vehicles 

eBik is India’s First Roadster Electric Bicycle developed for masses. The engine developed is an invention recognized by GoI and duly granted Patent. The vehicle aims to upgrade life of millions of people by providing them motorized mobility at affordable price. It can travel up to 50 Kms in single charge costing Re.1. It’s the first electric bicycle that can carry load of complete family (2+2) and no License / Registration is required to run it. The start-up is an innovation driven company that builds high quality products by investing in R & D, innovation & automation


MinzoIndia is a leading B2B online footwear marketplace and we have acquired a reputation of being quality manufacturers and trustworthy footwear wholesalers that offer the best prices on the market. It is a web platform where the workmen can directly sell their products and the wholesalers and retailers can buy them at competitive prices.


Horeca Stop is a one-stop Omnichannel procurement platform providing SAAS and Ecommerce to solve the procurement problem of Hospitality Industry. Horeca stop has a vision of automating the procurement process in F&B Industry, and Provides a unique end to end Solution of Supply chain Management, Inventory Ordering, distribution management, Logistics management and product sourcing and facilitating the credit access for buyers.

Ed Tech & HR Tech

GetWork aims to create a network of colleges to become the central placement platform for companies to hire college students and fresh graduates (0-3 Years Experience), taking this process online. The concept of students creating robust profiles on GetWork is very appealing as it aims to become a marketplace for interns and first-time jobseekers. GetWork solves a major pain point by creating a two-way marketplace to give universities access to companies & startups. In turn, these companies get access to the best students regardless of their location.


Quali5Care And Consulting Private Limited is India’s first of its kind online platform providing durable medical equipment on rental and for sale. It is a one-stop solution for all healthcare equipment needs of patients staying at home and for hospitals.


My Tirth India is India’s First All-Inclusive, Patented Religious Pilgrimage and Darshan site with a vision to drive rejuvenation and spiritual augmentation of important religious destinations and to strengthen the mechanism for bridging the infrastructure gaps at identified religious pilgrimage sites. It is the first online platform to provide darshans, priests, and yoga classes all with the click of a button.

Health Tech

ADYA LIFECARE is a fast growing Healthcare Aggregator that provides an extremely valuable and sought after integrated healthcare and medical assistance services in India with appropriate level of technology usage to create a healthy environment for faster adaptability of advanced technologies, reduction of service costs and provision of quality healthcare at affordable to price. The integrated platform consists of doctor’s appointment, home care, Telecare, Remote monitoring services, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Medical Equipment, highly equipped Ambulance and mobile clinics.

AgriTech, IoT

Brainwired is an agritech startup based out of Kochi, which has developed a livestock health monitoring, and tracking system named WeSTOCK, that uses an IoT ear tag and a unique ML algorithm to identify sick and pregnant livestock and alert farmers accordingly. Mr Sreeshankar S Nair and Mr Romeo P Jerard founded the company in February 2018. Coming from an agriculture background both co-founders wanted to develop a solution to help their grandparents with their dairy farm, what started as a project then ended being a venture when they realized the importance of modern-day agricultural practices in the livestock sector.

Health and Wellness

Born in our kitchen, Skinny Herbs is about making better & healthier lifestyle choices to help you reach your health & wellness goals while making it taste good at the same time.

Our intention is to disturb the tea market by changing the perception of green tea from ‘a bitter but healthy’ product to a recreational beverage that makes it easier and tastier for our consumers to switch to a healthier lifestyle – a switch they actually stick on to due to how our craft green teas taste.

We want to build a modern, aspirational brand that adds value to our customers’ fitness journeys and help them in achieving their fitness goals.

Winter 2019 Cohort


AS Technolutions is a smart alternative to card wipe machines. It empowers merchants to accept card payment from customers with a smartphone only without any hardware attached. (B2C)


GoTo is a Location-based Real-Time Intercity Bus booking app, that lets you board buses from your nearest path rather than your travel to Bus stands. Currently GoTo is doing 600+ Booking per day and growing 1.5X monthly.

Identity, Privacy & Security

Hypermine is an avant-garde technology and research organization building smart tools and protocols for Identity & Security, with their roots  in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning & Public Key Cryptography.(B2B, B2C)

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World’s first macro skill based adaptive assessment solution for K-12 students. Their adaptive students learning technology identifies the students learning gap through various data points & knowledge mapping. Also provide personalized homework facilities to each student to bridge the learning gap. (B2C)

Online Gaming & eSports

MGM is a vernacular Mobile platform at the intersection of multiplayer games, eSports, tournaments and social & broadcasting. It has deep technology innovation like anti- cheat features, measure to mitigate hacking, interactive platform using Artificial intelligence & Machine learning. (B2C)


Smart farms intend to increase farmers income and productivity of produce, by developing an ecosystem for farmers for better farm input, food traceability, insurance, equipment renting, precision farming, crop monitoring, for improving overall farmer livelihood. (B2B)

Media & Entertainment

This is a modern day news channel, which go to the extra mile to unravel the facades of the society. Their award winning website has more than 100k monthly traffic on it with more than 1Million likes on Facebook and 30K subscribers on YouTube.
www.kachchachittha.com (B2C, B2B)


Social Media


TUBBR, the World’s First Personal Social Network, is a user-generated content platform that includes story creation tools, content sharing with integrated fast messaging and opportunity for users to monetize their exclusive content. It’s the only app that enables users to create multiple public/private spaces to share stories, chat, collaborate, share files, maintain portfolios, create events and even live cast to a specific audience without ever worrying about privacy again.


An unique customer engagement platform for enterprises. An app-as-a-service platform, enable multiple enterprises offer services to their customers through a single app. It is a sector agnostic and multi- enterprise ecosystem. (B2B)

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Fashion Tech

800M+ of fashion e-commerce shoppers globally struggle with finding what to buy based on their style, fit & self-image. The only viable solution, personal stylists are extremely expensive (charging $100-$1,500/hr) & inaccessible.

We are using a web/mobile platform & deep learning AI to bring these stylists online & increase their efficiency.

Fashion Tech


Wardrobe is an app which allows people to seek help to mend their broken shopaholic hearts. A platform where people can follow influencers, bloggers, brands, friends and family. Find products, similar styles to their brand, availability, price and link. (B2C)


Ingreens is an indoor farming company with a vision of creating a Pan India Fresh Foods Brand in the Exotics Greens. Ingreens operates one of India’s first commercial indoor vertical farms, using modern precision farming techniques to bring the freshest, cleanest and most nutritious leafy and microgreens to our customers in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

Fashion Tech

Lionise is India’s fashion rental platform where users can rent Indian & International Designer wear at a fraction of the cost. We are powered by a transformative business model, a unique reverse-logistics operation and a state of the art hygiene process. We’re not disrupting an existing market, we’re creating a new one and we aspire to change the meaning of ownership and revolutionize e-retail in the process. (B2C)

Spring 2019 Batch


The Knotty Tales is a complete wedding suite designed to curate vendors on one platform. They make the process of planning for a wedding hassle free for the hosts as well as the guests.

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Charitism is an online fundraising platform which allows people (E-commerce users) to raise free funds for serving the leading charities and critical causes while they spend their money on shopping at top online stores like amazon flipkart and make my trip etc.

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GigZo is an on-demand flexible staff aggregator, connecting companies with people looking for flexible jobs, locally.
A mobile platform where companies can post one time/part-time/ temporary jobs and fill jobs under 10 minutes. Save cost by maintaining a pool of part-time workers.

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SearchBotSite is an AI based Search Intelligence platform for Think Less & Type Less Search and Advertising. It focuses to find solution from two perspectives i.e ease of user search and ease of marketing for companies through search.

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Dror’s vision is to use technology to create a trust-based network of vigilant and responsible citizens who are ready to help others in distress around them. It ensures safety at all times by enabling instant SOS signals to mobilize help from around you, helping you identify safe spaces and meet new people and roam freely at any time without worrying.

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Our aim is to make a supply chain that supports farmers and provides businesses with freshest produce in the most efficient manner.

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Prithvi.ai is a seed-stage accelerator based out of Delhi-NCR. Their core team comprises of data science experts and leaders in business strategy and functions. This puts them in the unique position where they can help startups not only develop the best machine learning products, but also help them turn that into a viable, scalable business.

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VAPP is a VR/AR Platform used for real estate and tourism industry.They are using immersive visualization in tourism and real estate,enabling viewers to experience places and hotels more authentically and realistically.


Playtoome is a live entertainment destination. Watch concerts and live performances, such as dance, music, and drama, as they happen.

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An entertainment hub with self conceptualized events (IP owned) focused on fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. The only platform to host international brands/designers. B2B marketplace for young designers. Fashion and lifestyle driven content for the millennial.


Easy and Smart way to manage your Proposals and Clients. An effortless way to Deliver Winning Proposals, Automate Client On-boarding and improve Payment Collection experience for Service sector.

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Gaadizo helps Car Owners to get Standard Car Services & Repair at Affordable Cost. They also help Workshop Owners to manage their operations along with extra business opportunities. Affordable car service near you at the best car service centers by experienced mechanics using genuine OEM parts & manufacturer recommended guidelines

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Summer 2018 Batch

Galaxy Card

GalaxyCard is a mobile-based Instant Credit Card. Compared to a regular credit card application which takes around 3-4 weeks, GalaxyCard users make their first purchase in just 3 minutes, without having to upload any documents.

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Insurance Samadhan

A grievance redressal platform for all insurance policy holders. It Help policyholders to resolve genuine grievance of fraud selling , claim settlement etc. Provide a Platform where Policy Holders register the complaint and hand over the redressal process to Insurance Samadhan.

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Lawyered helps advancing the “Rule of Law” by helping clients decode requirements and provide them an effective solution by connecting them to reputed & reliable legal professionals. It is a DISCOVERY PLATFORM which connects CORPORATE LAWYERS to Businesses, SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), Corporates and Startups.

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Compport brings an unmatchable flexibility and intelligence in the rewards management design, decision making, processes and never seen before analytical capabilities, which is not extended by ERP solutions like Workday, Oracle, Success Factors, etc. It allows organizations to use their compensation budgets in much more impactful way, adding value straight to the bottom line and helping them to gain improved engagement levels and empowered culture. It is an in-expensive solution and doesn’t hurt any pocket in the challenging times of controlled spending.

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India’s First ML & Al-powered, Digital Network of Skill Aspirants, Skilled Professionals, Businesses & Trade Bodies, Enabling Skilling & Empowering Youth. SkillsKonnect is a Life Earning & Appraisal Platform (L.E.A.P.), designed to empower each user through Personalised & Smart Recommendations through the Life Journey on the Platform.

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Winter 2017 Batch


Evalk wants to make it easier for people with speaking/hearing disabilities communicate with the rest of the society. Their ML/AI software can understand ASL and translate it to english for you.

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Voko is a lifestyle rental company designed for the generation Y. From furniture to gaming consoles, party ware and transport, they have everything available on rent. They want you to stop buying, and start sharing!

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Kuants wants to bring algorithmic trading to the general population, simplifying it enough for it to be accessible by all.

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Square 1

Square1 is an e-commerce platform designed to make it easier and cheaper for companies to start selling on the internet. Companies like Vodafone have used Square1 to power their online retail.

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Cab Bazaar wants to make it easier for you to find outstation and long term cabs for your travel needs. They work on an aggregator model, finding you the cheapest and the best rated options available.

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Wish a mitr wants you to stop buying gifts your friends don’t need! Wish a mitr will let you choose gifts from your recipients’ wish list, or contribute with others towards a larger goal. Their in house algorithm also makes their own suggestions.

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