The sharks chase Janitri on Shark Tank

Our portfolio startup Janitri appeared on Shark Tank season 2 and won the deal. Janitri – a new age fetal-maternal monitoring system, has been a part of our program, IA Pulse- the healthtech vertical at India Accelerator.

Janitri is developing India’s 1st wearable and AI-enabled fetal monitoring products to improve maternal and newborn care. As per the reports, every two minutes, a mother loses her life due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. More than 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries. The team at Janitri believes that 80% of such cases can be avoided with right information at the right time.

The startup is led by Arun Agarwal, a biomedical engineer who realized early in his life that technology and innovation together could address the problem of complications during childbirth. He along with his team is passionate about social healthcare and is working with a vision to see a world where no mother or newborn dies during the pregnancy period or at birth.

“As per WHO data the maternal mortality rate of India is almost 10x those of developed countries. Quality Fetal health monitoring can help reduce this gap. Existing technologies used for Fetal health monitoring are expensive and difficult to implement. To bridge this gap, technology innovations like the Janitri Fetal health monitoring device can have significant impact. We wish them well on this journey!” said Mukul Bagga, Mentor at IA Pulse and ex-MD of Quest Diagnostics India.

In the last four years, the startup has seen adoption by many healthcare providers including AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Jodhpur, St. Johns Medical College, AIIMS Patna, Jubilee mission hospital, Narayan Hrudalaya, WISH Foundation, Jhpiego, PATH, Airforce Command Hospital. The early success signs are already visible with the series of recognitions and awards won by Janitri. It is funded by Gates Foundation, the GoI and Pureland venture to name a few.

“Janitri is a startup that we’ve always been bullish on. The product helps hospitals and healthcare providers make far more informed decisions and better diagnoses. By the same coin, creating a lot more convenience for expecting mothers and pre-empting untoward events during pregnancy. It’s an innovative product with a fairly large market and a potential global use case. We’ve been helping them refine the product and the GTM strategy. We’ve always believed that Janitri is a great startup to invest in and couldn’t be happier for the success they’re achieving!” commented Mona Bhatia-Singh, Chief Acceleration Officer & Partner, India Accelerator.

Janitri is part of the India Accelerator program that is designed to support and navigate startups through the process of operationally scaling their business while generating meaningful relationships with IA Partners, mentors, and investors. IA’s Accelerator Program curates the mentorship and connections that growth-stage startups need, and provides all the necessary ingredients in the right place at the right time.

Moreover, these startups receive funding along with other perks and services. This paves the way for the potential to obtain follow-up funding post-Demo Day. Also, startups receive immense support and inspiration from our network of 200+ GAN partners. Our focus remains to work extensively to help build efficient teams, craft a product-market fit and chalk out market-specific growth strategies.