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“AI is going to do dumb things that below-average humans do poorly”!

Gary Vaynerchuck, a serial entrepreneur and the Chairman of VaynerMedia, doesn’t mince his words. “Technology is inevitable; adapt to it,” he says! He is straightforward and blunt with his words to inspire people to learn new skills. The fear and demonization of Artificial Intelligence has been a loud movement of sorts. “AI will take our jobs” and “Machines will rise up and kill us” are common terms associated with the paranoia surrounding Artificial Intelligence.

In reality, however, AI is a helpful tool for many businesses across the world and is constantly making our lives easier. Many businesses like:

  •  Machine Learning,
  •  Cryptocurrency, 
  • Internet of Things 

and others have made use of AI to drastically improve business operations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves results by applying Human Intelligence at a level beyond humans.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things is basically giving everyday objects the power to send and receive data about their surroundings.

This basically means a system which does not require any kind of human intervention i.e. Human to Human or Human to Machine interaction.

A cool example of IoT comes from the world of fitness and wearables.

Such devices monitor heart rate, caloric intake, sleep, track activity to help us stay healthy. In some cases, such wearables can communicate with third-party apps and share information about the user’s chronic conditions with a healthcare provider.


Blockchain has become extremely popular in the past few years. It feels like if you want to do something innovative in tech, blockchain is the go-to. But what is Blockchain? 

To  really understand what it is we mean when we say the word “blockchain”  let’s clear the air about what blockchain is not:

  • Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency; 
  • Blockchain is not a programming language.
  • Blockchain is not related to or is in itself, an AI. 

Blockchain is a whole technology in itself which works as a growing list of records which are highly resistant to modification leading to an expansion in the information security domain.

The coolest applications of blockchain are indeed Cryptocurrency like BitCoin; it records the current transactions of digital currency in a ledger which is highly reliable.

India Accelerator and Tech Startups

At least 80% of startups and early phase businesses end up closing up shop within the first 5 years of starting operations due to lack of direction or a lack of appropriate resources and know-how to navigate a business rather than a technological innovation. At India Accelerator, we encourage innovative early-stage businesses to explore their full potential. We offer the following:

  • World-class, GAN-powered mentorship to startups through dedicated cohort batches 
  • Incubation space with an opportunity to connect with people from across industries
  • Cash perks and a lot of other benefits to fully explore their innovative ideas.

At India Accelerator, we love giving startups a chance to fully explore their potential in order to change the way businesses and everyday life is conducted in the country and across the world. With a portfolio of a wide range of startups spanning across various industry verticals, and being a startup ourselves at one point, we understand the trials and tribulations an early-phase business faces. We at India Accelerator, are enthusiastic about providing a one-of-a-kind platform to startups to help them overcome the obstacles of running a startup smoothly.

We are pleased to announce a joint collaboration with  Startup Buddy for our November Cohort Batch in 2019. During our November Cohort, we will be conducting a High-tech startups-focused seed accelerator program. We are excited and looking forward to hosting a wide range of IoT, AI, and Blockchain related startups and hope to see innovative ways in which we can strengthen the way technology transforms society in our country!

Inviting all aspiring startup owners for our newest cohort batch in November 2019 – applications are open now!

IA Team