Approximately 80% of the employees once in the course of their career think of starting a venture of their own. It is a penny for your thoughts situation! Think if you use the passion you spent in making a big career for yourself but at someone else’s organization. And we all know out of this 80% quota, women hardly stand boldly. How many women do you think to approach this career path? Leave alone young CEO’s and let’s just keep the trajectory closed to experienced career-oriented women.

Yah! Yah! Women are told to be safe. Save for the rainy days. Maybe help their husband and children built something significant. And yet we talk about feminism so boldly, especially the working women. But how often do we fight these most convenient stereotypes submerged deep down in our minds?

So, career is fine! But one must be rational. Why marry a guy who can make it big? Why not be the guy who makes it big. In India we find exactly no percentage of startups built by women, the numbers stand in .o% terms.

What does it take to be a women CEO or can we say begin a venture of yourself? So, to answer this we can say that you require an idea and an aggressive implementation towards the same and that is exactly what a man needs too. So, what is the difference; is it the ability to take a risk or the support factor or something else. Alright, so let’s take a case study. #Period: 21st century. And therefore we live in the modern times where there is an equal right to both men and women to start a business venture and become CEOs.

Case Study 1: Average Man

A young man, who just walked out of the top engineering college of the country unable to find an appropriate package for himself says, do hell with everything. I decided to start my own thing. He knows what he can build and he begins working on a formula which can work well in the pharmaceutical industry. If his friend and he together crack this, they can find easily a 3million dollar valuation from the investors.

And please wait because the story doesn’t end here, there’s another tangent to this. Guys! He is an intelligent man and can do well for himself in life. He is just building this so that he can sell this small company to an investor and go abroad to study further. Yes! He knows he needs a lot more knowledge than he already has to make it big in life. And, who knows if the startup makes it big, so that’s one option always open.

We don’t know what happens to him further. But his startup ends up making a 2 million in valuation.

Case Study 2: Average Woman

This guy we were talking about above has a woman friend. Same batch, same class, same stream. She ends up grabbing a job during the college placement. She is working with no intention whatsoever to begin something new in the near future.
And this goes for most of the women from the same college, previous batches etc.

Please do remember that here we are talking about an average man and an average woman in orders to understand the trend of the current Indian ecosystem. The question is what the difference is, really? So, we women really need to think through when it comes to the decision of; do we want to marry a CEO or do we want to become the CEO, because we do have the same right but who knows why we still intend to play safe.