Health and Well-being

The beauty of coworking lies in the fact that it offers an environment that is collaborative, yet self-directed. Coworking is diverse, dynamic, and accommodates individuals from all walks of life. Due to the all-inclusive nature of coworking, entrepreneurs and coworking professionals are asking a pertinent question: can coworking spaces preserve individual mental health and well-being?

The answer is a resounding yes.

This is backed by facts: according to a survey by Inc42, communication among like-minded individuals in coworking office spaces can lead to a 64% increase in self-esteem and overall confidence. The aspect of a close-knit community allows people to express their emotions in a healthy way, concocting an outlet for personal and professional concerns within the office space. After all, these spaces are special because they are:

  • Immensely collaborative in nature, while allowing people to work in their preferred modules.
  • Flexible, while maintaining some common ground rules in order to promote discipline and coherence.
  • In favor of individual growth, as opposed to a mass-approach adopted by most traditional office spaces.

The true well-being of any human being boils down to their mental health. No matter how many summits you’ve conquered, no matter how much success you’ve achieved –  if your mental space does not make you feel safe, life can become meaningless and detrimental.

As a result, these coagulated anxieties and frustrations can reflect in your everyday work – during meetings, client pitches, projects, and interactions with your coworkers. This is where the coworking community comes in. Effective coworking practices can directly benefit mental health and increase productivity as much as 82%!

This will not only contribute to the quality of your performance but also bring about lasting professional success.

Today, big enterprises and conglomerations see immense value in leasing coworking office spaces for their teams. Companies of all sizes have recognized the advantage that coworking offers in a psychological manner in terms of keeping employees happier and making them feel more emotionally grounded and safe.

As discussed in a previous blog, more than 1.1 million individuals have worked in 13,800+ coworking spaces worldwide, as per a Global Coworking Survey report. This is due to the fact that coworking provides possibilities that are groundbreaking. People can talk to one another, share their visions, exchange creative ideas, and understand each other on a humane level.

Also, according to the American Psychological Association (APA), a healthy workplace should include:

  • A healthy work-life balance
  • Health and safety
  • Amenities that promote happiness and productivity
  • Employee growth and development
  • Individual and collective appreciation/recognition
  • Community aura and a platform for honest communication

Coworking assimilates all of the above components seamlessly by overcoming traditional workplace hurdles. How?

Traditional professional environments follow a formal and rigid schedule and infrastructure – allowing less space for conversations about individual well-being. Coworking spaces easily bypass this issue, owing to their intrinsic structure. As these space allows uninhibited interaction with professionals who work in other organizations, social interactions can be bereft of competitiveness or stress. Hence, this creates the possibility of exchanging ideas, emotions, healthy venting, and the seeking of advice and solace.

Positive bonds and comradeship can do wonders when it comes to improving mental health and overcoming chronic emptiness. Coworking can help you with that, now and forever.

IA Team