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Ten powerful habit worth embracing in 2021

Part of what makes the journey of life worthwhile is the natural human tendency to grow, to progress, to become better people. In that spirit,

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It’s never too late to fall in love

I may be too old to run a mile But there’s one thing I still do very well… I may be too old to climb

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A Founder’s Dilemma

The year 2020 has seen some of my founder friends in insurance, e-payments, lending and other industries think about stepping back and hire a new

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How to convert rejection into success

Being rejected is like someone tearing you apart. Someone pulling the rug off your feet. It can be damaging, disappointing and demoralising. If one knows

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Who doesn’t love Potato chips

“Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

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The Dark Knight

The young entrepreneur fights against the big, bad world full of greedy investors & sharks, against the apathy of the Govt, the rich Corporates who

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Graduating from a Product Manager into a Product Scientist

Over recent times, Product Management has transformed from Art to Science. The maturity in product thinking has been accelerated by tools, evolving thought processes and

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Healthcare Marketing: Priorities to meet the changed market needs

Healthcare marketing has always required a specialized skill-set considering healthcare is a ‘Grudge-Category’. However, never has healthcare marketing been under the kind of pressure that it

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Go Visit the Cemetery

We are in a sombre mood today. Unfortunate death of someone who I met multiple times over last 3 months brought into focus the havoc

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