Such a wonderful phenomenon.

However, due to what automation has done to the industrial landscape by eliminating the need for manual labour in almost every operation, people have had similar concerns for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. This perception, however, changes when the modernization of coworking workplaces are in focus.

Now, more than ever, people are ready to adopt AI-powered tools and use devices built on machine learning technologies for transforming coworking offices. In fact, the presence of AI is spreading in all kinds of workplaces – corporate premises, bureaucracies, coworking spaces, to name a few – these spaces are being equipped with smart tools and intelligent devices, which are now popularly dubbed as ‘AI coworkers.’ One may notice that the uptake for AI in co-work is increasing, mainly due to its effective use though diverse sectors.

AI – Your New Colleague at Work

There are many ways in which AI finds purpose in workplace transformation. It is a disruptive and unchartered technology that holds maximum potential for upgrading coworking offices with its ongoing innovation. Let’s look at some real-world working applications of AI at coworking spaces.

  • Agile Project Management

Project managers have found a great resource in AI for avoiding time wasted on futile endeavours and work hasted on critical projects. Planning a project in terms of resource requirements, project duration, and phase scheduling is now becoming easier with AI-based KBE systems. 

Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are now predicting and automating project tasks by analyzing the functional requirements. Methods such as Fuzzy Logic are optimizing cost-time trade-offs. In such ways, projects are being executed at a fast pace, with no harm done to the quality.

  • Remote Access for Workplace Collaboration

To build stronger teams at work, companies are being equipped with AI tools such as WorkFusion and Turtle for process automation and business communications. These tools can boost collaboration between coworkers, especially for teams working together from remote locations. With AI, it is now easy to put more efforts together as a team.

  • Security

AI is bound to have a major influence on the future of cyber security as well as physical security. Currently, corporate offices and coworking office spaces are being fortified with AI-powered access control systems. Video surveillance analytics is scanning the content from security cameras – along with this, the use of drone patrol is also on the rise!

  • Customer Experience

Chatbots such as Conversable, Dialogflow, and Chatfuel are now deployed for changing the dynamics o customer service. Emailing software is running predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to offer:

  1. smart suggestions
  2. automate email responses
  3. auto-generate tickets
  4. improve overall customer interactions

AI-enabled automation is also handling basic transactions, request routing, resource management, customer personalization, and online customer support.

  • Human Resource Development

AI capabilities of IBM Watson, for example, are being readily used by HR departments of leading coworking organizations for decision-making. The management personnel is no longer reluctant to use cognitive engines for helping employees complete their day-to-day activities in the office successfully. Team training, vacation requests, onboarding-offboarding, and recruitment – the power of AI is now being leveraged everywhere in the HR work-cycles.

Why Are We Putting Faith in ‘Workplace AI’?

As the intervention of AI is increasing, the number of employees feeling confident about its use is also growing significantly. People are optimistic and somewhat emotional about the assistance that AI offers at work. The technology is surely bringing another level of excitement for employees, engaging them in a sense of a close-knit community, a concept that lies at the heart of coworking. 

Apart from this, AI is making coworking environments more efficient and functional. The accuracy of AI tools in executing tasks, the high-valued and unbiased information generated by machine learning software, and the next-level performance of smart systems is improving productivity and promoting a modernized coworking culture around the world.

IA Team