Coworking and Marketing

In the coworking realm, trends and marketing strategies are as changeable as the weather. They come and go, and there’s never a certainty for a coworking office space to maintain full occupancy. To scale up progress and innovation, coworking services need to up their game in the marketing arena. From social media to advertising, coworking spaces need to grab every avenue to promote their services.

As the environment for coworking services becomes even more competitive and volatile in 2020, the following tips possess great potential to improve the marketing campaigns of these services. 

#1 A Renewed Focus on Community 

Ideally, the premise of every coworking space should reflect a sense of community. Most startups and independent professionals consider joining coworking offices in order to take  advantage of such communities, and the perks that tag along with it. Primarily, they get the opportunity to build new connections and expand their professional network.

A coworking space needs to highlight these perks in their marketing collaterals. They can share some successful professional relations, built within their coworking office space, that resulted in the achievement of targets effectively with collaboration. Basically, one needs to also promote their coworking service as a “matchmaker” for workplaces and professional circles. 

#2 Creative Promotion of Success Stories

Next up, coworking marketing activities should talk a lot about what goes on inside the coworking space. Point out the incidents in which a small group of individuals joined the coworking office as entrepreneurs and emerged as a flourishing start-up or SME within a short span of time. Similarly, one can also showcase the stories of their members finding success in their business after becoming a part of the coworking space. Doing so, one can send out a message that their coworking space could be the lucky charm that every startup or entrepreneur needs to survive in a mercurial business environment. 

#3 Highlighting Membership Perks

Marketing the differentiator is also a great strategy. After surveying existing and past members, coworking services should determine the multiple factors that made their space a better workplace in all respects. This will help identify perks that every member enjoys. For example, promoting the quality and healthy food served in the cafeteria can boost your image among health-conscious working communities. Likewise, you can promote activities such as hiking or outdoor sports events that your coworking space offers for team building and general fun. 

#4 Re-emphasized Investment in Members’ Success

One unique marketing trick that can help coworking services gain standout status is – promoting the initiatives they take in re-investing in their services. Here, one can talk about how their coworking space invests a majority of its profits back into the business to make the work-life of members better. They can highlight their recent investments in scaling up infrastructure, introducing new amenities, and installing multi-functional workplace instruments. Then on, they can connect the dots to express how these investments are, in turn, bringing more success to the members. 

#5 Effective Partnership with Locals

Another key marketing hack for coworking spaces in 2020 is building connections with local vendors and neighbouring businesses. One can choose to paste flyers about their service at popular cafés where working professionals hang out. They can partner with local food vendors to save costs and also spread the sense of bonding in their local neighbourhoods. As the word spreads, more people will become aware of the presence of a coworking facility in their locality.

What are you waiting for? Adopt these coworking marketing strategies and proliferate to achieve greater heights!

IA Team