A GoFundMe campaign is raising money to help Kylie become the world's youngest female billionaire.

Internet claims that they have been crowdfunded and yes they have been almost successful. Can you guess who these people are? Think! We all have heard about it? Elon Musk and Kylie Jenner have been the latest addition to the list of celebrities who have come across an act of kindness from their fans.

Hmm. Yes, the internet is calling it ‘Crowdfunding’. Fan Theory is one part of it. The other part includes the power of the internet, which works in part with digital marketing. The secret to knowing and growing your business on the internet is accessing your market virtually.

The two examples above are proof that social media works. Kylie Jenner is an Instagram sensation and with the kind of popularity she has been able to gain through the internet has been out of bounds. She is the highest earner on Instagram. On the other hand, Elon Musk is one of the most influential people in the world. Musk successfully gets a couch worth $8000 and for Kylie, the fans are still working on making her a billionaire.

We are not here to commission a gossip blog but to learn from their story. The one thing we get to know from Musk and Kylie’s experience is that if you sell your story right on social media, it can work wonders. The major challenge nowadays on the internet is digital marketing. Most of the time either it is too late before we understand that the strategy went wrong and then it becomes too late to turn back.

The startups initially get too busy building a robust business model and forget to prioritize the aspects where the real business is supposed to come from. Working on your idea is fine but if there is no business development when you begin your venture, then what? You are stuck for another; not one, not two, but three months before some results come in hand.

Good marketing only works well at a slow pace. I mean you cannot expect results overnight and that is because you do not want to crash on the internet. The reason is, if you crash, a lot of things can go wrong and that is why you want to begin at the right time. That means; be the early bird. Most of us work hard but end up running your model in delay.

First things first! If you are a young business then you must begin with your presence on the web as soon as possible, because that is what is going to take you far, when we talk in terms of selling your product or service.