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Do Your Thng

Creating Your Passion 

In life, it’s not always easy to get the job of your dreams! Let’s say even if you do, you’re not getting enough time for the things you love. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You go in week after week to work and find yourself confused about what to do over the weekend. You finally give up and end up doing nothing. As you roll into another week of work, your heart aches: ”When will I do the things I love that I’ve been planning to do for so long?” Then, you go on the internet and see content creators, bloggers, and artists executing and hopping on the bandwagon of do-ers and creators. You are left wondering, “How do they even get the time?”

Well, maybe the answer lies within the community itself! Here, we’re going to look at Do Your Thng, a safe space and a community of young, dynamic and passionate creators who are turning their yearnings into reality.

How can you, Do Your Thng? 

From the get-go, Do your Thng has established their young and vibrant vibe for the affluent users of social media and creators, and those who always keep up with ‘what’s cracking’ in the world of social content creators. How they describe themselves is as a platform that matches ‘passion points’ with the right people, allowing passionate creators to form vital connections to forge what they love doing into a reality. This helps in weaving ‘threads of creation’ and inspiring aspiring creators to do what they zest for.

In order to translate this into a business terminology, Do your Thng is essentially a platform to measure the online influence of casual social media users (DYT score), also allowing them to express their affinity for big brands and advocating them in turn. This helps brands acquire access to a segment of real people in the trenches, influencing and driving purchasing intent along with helping creators promote the brands they like.

Do Your Thng: The Story

The idea and inspiration for this is the result of a long-time yearning of one person wanting to find a safe space to explore what he loves. Ankit Agarwal found himself longing for a creative space of storytelling and forming connections that impact big businesses with the help of regular people. Ankit holds the firm belief that everybody holds the power to influence people and drive conversations.  These conversations can be leveraged by brands to increase outreach and market effectively. This is what the crux of Do Your Thng is; passionate people advocating brands they love, through effective, long-lasting conversations with real people. Guided by 3 industry experts, Mr Sorabh Aggarwal, Mr Shams Jasani, and Mr Nikhil Sarup, Do Your Thng envisions being an effective global community, where people work on leaving their troubles behind and adopting the steps to implement the things they love – basically ‘doing their thing’.

This startup venture and it’s ideation struck a chord with India Accelerator and helped them secure entry into the Spring 2019 Cohort Program of the Seed Accelerator. An association with this startup accelerator program entitles Do Your Thng to a multitude of perks, including a cash perk of ₹ 15 lakh -₹ 25 lakhs, an incubation space, access to world-class mentorship, and the chance to take their venture into a higher gear.

Do Your Thng hopes to stir ‘oodles of people’  to motivate the motto of “DO YOU” and make the most out of it!

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