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The State of Safety

Safety is among the top priorities in life in today’s world where we work late nights, stay out late reconnecting with friends, and most probably walk/take cabs home late at night. In these scenarios, it is important that people feel safe, irrespective of gender. However, some hold the belief that in order to truly create a safe environment for all citizens, women’s safety should assume utmost importance.

The state of women’s safety in India is so shocking to behold, that it warrants a serious reality check. With over 1 woman being abused in every 3 minutes across the country, it is grim to witness such a perilous state of safety in India. In addition to this, there are over 30,000 cases of physical abuse and/or rape registered every year, where the conviction rates stoop as low as 25%. These stats only account for incidents which end up getting reported. This has induced a state of panic and restlessness among citizens, particularly women who are now limited to leading restricted lifestyles.

DROR – A step to a safer India

The folks at DROR, the safety app, have been concerned with the perilous state of the safety of citizens in the country and hence, have come up with a brilliant solution to foster a safer and healthier environment for them. DROR holds the firm belief that safety for all will only be achieved when women are made the focal point of safety measures. Ensuring their safety will help foster an overall environment of trust and security.

In order to ensure the same, DROR was birthed. In essence, DROR is a safety app which helps create a community of individuals who can help each other in times of distress with the help of advanced geolocation technology. DROR claims to be the everyday safety solution for citizens by harbouring a community/network of friends/individuals helping keep track of one another while travelling and helping reduce incidents of safety violation and/or physical abuse. 

DROR- How it Works

Founded in 2019 by Dhiraj Nauhbar and Dheeraj Bansal, DROR aims to be a network of vigilant and responsible citizens who are eager and ready to help others in distress around them.  In operation, DROR has an SOS button which can be pressed in times of distress – it will activate the advanced geolocation system which sends out an alarm to your nearby friends and people in the community who can assist you immediately using a map. DROR claims that the help you need is never too far away!  In addition to SOS distress, there is a smart tracking technology facility available in the app to track your friends and family when they’re travelling during odd times. The app sends an alert whenever there is a route deviation from the destination. The report incident feature of the app helps report incidents of harassment, such as eve-teasing or physical harm and helps create a heatmap to plan your visits and travels. There is also a feature to plan your meetings inside the app as well, helping you join a community and make new friends.

This startup venture and it’s ideation struck a chord with India Accelerator and helped them secure entry into the Spring 2019 Cohort Program of the Seed Accelerator Program. An association with this startup accelerator program entitles DROR to a multitude of perks, including a cash perk of ₹ 15 lakh -₹ 25 lakhs, an incubation space, access to world-class mentorship, and the chance to take their venture into a higher gear. This we hope, will give them the necessary platform to ensure a safer India.

DROR wants to put into place a system of safety and security and we all can help create that by becoming a ‘DROR Safety Champion’ by simply helping those in need with their mobile application.

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