Even the wisest men in the world need a master to get them through the most difficult circumstances of their lives. The Z-generation has built the startup ecosystem for what it is today, but is youth and passion enough? They are the leaders of tomorrow, no doubt! The question is, where does experience stand in this still soft-shell ecosystem. So, if we talk of trend then a large number of young men and women are following the “startup academia”. But, this trend has another generation that seems to be making an impact. And that is a more experienced generation-Y.

The challenge is that the Z-generation is extremely confidant and has been able to achieve great success, but the startup boom is over and just enthusiasm will not help sustain the complex and constantly growing ecosystem. The experienced Y-generation has been able to endure for a longer time and with a better success rate.

What we need to accept is that startup community stands as one part of the larger work-force. There are multiple sides of the industry which the startup has to work together with, including the numerous sectors such as corporate. No one is inevitable, and therefore we all need each other. The initial stage is related more with hustle, which young blood can do most easily. When it comes to expansion and the transition stage for an organization small or big, it needs strategic insight.

And the reason why Z-generation is having difficulty understanding the growing dynamics of the startup is lack of a coach who has a better insight into the macro-industrial analogy; because the old-school methodology works in-sync with the modern, we still have time to completely transition into modern. You understand your business? Great. You understand your skill-set? Even better. You know your short-comings? Nothing can be better than that. But what about understanding the industry demand, approaching business rationally and successfully.

We are in no way questioning anyone’s ability here. What we are discussing is the need of a master who can guide you through thick and thin. The balance can only come through when we let Yin and Yang do their parts. Most trivial differences among the founders end up in collapse of the entire system.

Yes! We can learn from our mistakes but what if we can save on the mistakes or at least be aware of our choices. And a wolf who knows inside-out of the industry can be of help in times of greatest peril. And this is not just for the young generation who have been able to conquer the startup industry, but also the generation-Y, who might need support too, may it be trivial or significant.