The value of an idea lies in the using of it!

A startups journey from worth to valuation might seem never-ending. The initial ploy to attain valuation is just a teaser to the journey. With the help of the, ‘Angel Investors’ and the ‘Partner’ and the zeal and the passion which drives you helps you achieve the small term goals decided for the company.


Valuation is achieved by weighing the ‘idea’ of a product; this product based asset analysis is a prediction a mere notion, which has a slow-moving graph path; the initial investors, generally step in for a long run, trying to build the idea into an asset. This is a short-term criterion, which is then used to assemble a strategy to accomplish and shape the worth.

The Worth

In order to accomplish the awaited WORTH, the valuation creates an intense approach towards ‘execution’. Here, the ‘real-time’ comes into play; before this, the strategy that was in the process of formulation; is now, the strategy that will come to play. This is where the startup begins to put together their Funding and the Associated Math.

Initially, ‘valuation’ can only give you a preview of the ‘Potential’ of the product. Onto this, the evaluation method and the strategies are arranged; in order to achieve the much-awaited result. The consequence of this result enables the startup to generate the worth of the company. It is not as easy as it seems in theory, because on this road, the most important aspect is to ‘Improvise’, against the hurdles and the bumps you face. Frustration is not going to help, but the only thing that will help is ‘improvisation’ and ‘flexibility’.

Improvise to Optimize

The key to note here is; the only way to achieve your full potential is to be ‘flexible’ and to make the greatest use of your circumstances. There is a fine line between, too much of optimism and rational optimism, which can be dangerous if crossed! A practically optimistic approach can help derive the balance of the workflow of a company.

The journey from valuation to attaining the worth of the company only follows across the value chain once you begin to render your services. The ‘time frame’ processes, the product development into product worth through the standard measures of the eco-system is what will help you optimize. At this point, you, ‘wait and watch’ and then strategize a ‘Pivot’ at the exact moment, which will set the growth graph of the startup to the point of increasing the companies worth.