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Staffing and recruiting are one of the toughest challenges faced by startups and corporates alike. On-demand staffing and digitization of recruitment has been around for a few years, yet feels like a rather new concept to businesses. Many companies adopt the model of working with recruiting agencies and consultancies. However, just recruiting good talent doesn’t ensure they’ll always be there when you need. Unforeseen circumstances like absenteeism due to sickness and festivals usually cause hindrances in getting work done. GigZo presents innovative on-demand staffing solutions to directly tackle the problem of staff shortages.

What is GigZo?

GigZo is in essence, an on-demand flexible job aggregator which helps companies connect with individuals looking for flexible work (gigs), locally. GigZo also helps skilled professionals find work and earn an extra source of income or keep finding regular work. GigZo was founded in 2018, by 3 co-founders Rajat Bhardwaj, Abhishek Pratap Singh, and Himanshu Kalra.  GigZo got accepted in the Spring 2019 cohort batch of India Accelerator, India’s only GAN partnered startup accelerator program. This association with India Accelerator entitles GigZo to INR 20-25 lakhs in cash, perks and services, to scale their operations and help become a giant in recruitment and staffing solutions.

GigZo Working

Imagine a busy day at office, while you are heavily understaffed- will you risk losing sales or deliver poor customer experience or worse yet, hurt your firm’s reputation? None, right? GigZo helps ensure that you don’t face embarrassment from clients/customers because you did not have enough manpower to meet their expectations.

Gigzo aims to achieve the following for businesses:

  1. Reduce recruitment time when hiring part-time flexible workers.
  2. 40% cost saving as on-demand staffing is more cost-effective in comparison to traditional staffing methods.
  3. Help in more efficient management of the flexible workforce.

GigZo operates via mobile applications. In the mobile application, there are 2 types of user profiles.

  • Requestor: The company/business in need of a flexible workforce/worker
  • Gigster: Skilled individuals who are chosen by the companies as per the furnished set of skills.

A list of Terms and Conditions for registering as a Gigster, is also listed within the Mobile Application itself which will help ‘Gigsters’ understand the operating terms of the ‘gig’.

The workflow of the application for businesses in immediate need of staff and flexible workforce is  as follows:

  1. Request Staff: Enter your job details, number and gender of workforce required.
  2. Shortlist your gigster: Review applications and select best candidates based on experiences, rating from other employers.  In addition to this, an auto-selection process has been implemented in the app to make your job easier.
  3. One-Click Payment:  Rate and Review your gigsters and pay them at a click of a button.

Thus, Gigzo looks to be one of the most promising startups looking to innovate the process for staffing solutions and recruitment aggregation in the near future. It will empower businesses to achieve more, save costs and ultimately troubleshoot employee absenteeism, in addition to acquiring a cost-efficient workforce very well.



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