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Tireless Innovation: two words that describe the last 16 weeks of the 8 startups in the Spring 2019 cohort batch for the seed accelerator, India Accelerator. After a rigorous and highly-competitive selection process, (3% acceptance rate) initiated in January 2019, these 8 startups finally got an opportunity to scale, nay accelerate, the growth of their businesses with the help of the resources of large scale business, cashflow, incubation space, and world-class startup mentorship.

India Accelerator: An Innovative Business Solution Enthusiast

As a seed accelerator, we at India Accelerator, believe in uplifting and helping scale innovative business solutions. A prime example of this is the startups selected in the 2019 cohort batch of the cohort program with startups from all fields of the industry i.e. AI, Wedding Planning, Machine Learning, Citizen Safety,  and B2B travel based, tech-enabled startups all make a part of the current batch. Usually, 5 startups have been the upper limit of admittance in the cohort batch of startups, however, this time around, India Accelerator felt generous and impressed by the innovation of the startups.

In order to help these innovative business solutions, India Accelerator initiates the selected startups into an intensive 4-month ‘boot camp’-based startup accelerator program. These startups of the cohort batch are given a platform to scale their services to new levels with technology, business services, and incubation spaces. In addition to operational services, the startups are also empowered with personalized attention with individual mentoring to help with business development and product enhancement. In addition to moral, physical, and business-related help, these startups also received a cash flow enhancement, amounting to ₹ 20-25 lakhs in cash and perks to take off the hassle of capital off their minds. 

Startups of the Cohort Batch

Here are the 8 startups of this year’s Spring Cohort batch for India Accelerator.

Pritvi.AI: A community of technical institutes, excited entrepreneurs, and angel investors assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in the techno-commercial world. They describe themselves as  a junction of industry experts, leading technical institutes, excited entrepreneurs, angel investors apart from its own domain expertise.

Charitism: A platform for online fundraising via e-commerce. It helps donate a part of your online shopping sales to a charity of your choosing. They claim they will be able to help donate 10% of your online shopping sales to charity and will be absolutely free. They have a Chrome browser add-on as well, in case you forget about it!

SearchBot Site: An AI-based intelligent search platform. Building the ecosystem for conversations, Searchbotsite claims to be the conversation hub that brings the right context, people, information, and tools together to get people to have healthy conversations.

GigZoApp: An online staff aggregator giving flexible jobs to working-class professionals. Gigzo claims to help you as a recruiter, acquire quality staff in 20-30 minutes, helping you save time and money.

DRORApp: An emergency SOS app that works with the help of a social network. The people at Dror App are highly concerned with the safety of citizens from criminal activity. They hold the belief that citizen’s security cannot be assured unless and until the security of women is ensured. With multiple tracking features, a provision to report criminal activity Dror aims to help secure the citizens and help them stay vigilant.

Knotty Tales: An online wedding suite for organizing visits. Knotty Tales is basically a mobile App, which helps you share your wedding invites, the event, as well as wedding pictures, and also the story behind the wedding! Knotty Tales helps you marry off in style, but without all the chaos that comes along with it.

FIO: An entertainment hub with self conceptualized events (IP owned) focused on fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. The only platform to host international brands/designers. B2B marketplace for young designers. Fashion and lifestyle driven content for the millennial.

VAPP: VAPP is a VR/AR Platform used for the real estate and tourism industry. They are using immersive visualization in tourism and real estate, enabling viewers to experience places and hotels more authentically and realistically.

These are the champions of the startups that India Accelerator has selected this time to be presented in front of you,  the investors at Demo Day. Demo Day is nothing but the biggest day in the life of these startups as they present their 4-month growth and promise of the future and hope to get funded!

Help these startups realize their actual potential or at the very least, support their hard work. Join the startups in action at Palms Town and Country Club. See you there!

IA Team