A few months ago, four startups that had the calibre to succeed in a hypercompetitive were taken under the umbrage of India Accelerator, and were offered everything they required in their quest for success: be it financial backing, mentorship, legal and financial counselling and solid networking. These four ventures have now ballooned at an exponential pace, and IA is excited to unveil what these four ventures are, and how they are posited to change the entrepreneurial landscape.

GalaxyCard: Demonetization in 2016, coupled with the Government’s push and conducive policies that facilitated the rise of digital wallets and payment methods are what inspired Gunjeet Singh and Amit Kumar to found GalaxyCard. They realised that while digitization of money was an excellent move, the submission of a plethora of disparate documents to acquire a credit card, and the subsequent wait amounting to 3-4 weeks to procure it was viewed by many as a big hassle.

Many a times, it was only after an inordinate waiting period did the customers find out that they were not eligible, resulting in the wastage of precious time and effort. GalaxyCard aims to make access to credit as easy as possible. Their motive is to leverage technology and their understanding of the consumer fintech space to provide easy credit access to the previously uncatered segment of over 100 million Indians.Unlike the traditional credit card model, GalaxyCard gives you a credit card in merely 3 minutes. Neither any documents nor any joining fees is solicited at the time of enrolment. All one has to do is to sign up on their Android app, and get an instant credit of upto Rs 10,000.

GalaxyCard is India’s first instant credit card scheme. Customers can use it to pay anywhere and enjoy upto 45 days of interest-free credit.

Insurance Samadhan- Losing a loved one can take a toll on a person’s life, especially if the deceased was the sole breadwinner of the family. This loss of life decreases the living standard and economic status of the bereaved family.This loss can be made less painful by taking adequate measures such as enrolling for an insurance policy. However, many customers complain being misguided by their insurance providers. After having taken cognizance of many such scathing complaints, Sanjay Aggarwal, Deepak Uniyal and Shailesh Kumar decided to launch Insurance Samadhan, an online portal to provide customers with a redressal platform. Their experts from the insurance industry will represent the aggrieved customers and help them find an adequate recourse for their grievances.They help find solutions for any insurance related issue, including, but not limited to, renewing lapsed insurance policies, assistance in case of settlement, claiming recovery in case of fraud, assistance to NRIs in servicing their policies, and much more.

Lawyered- Finding a lawyer is hard. But finding a good lawyer, is even more hard. In order to combat this problem, Himanshu Gupta and Ashish Bhatia decided to partner up together to create an online platform called Lawyered that offers legal services at your convenience, and answers queries pertaining to legal issues on call, anytime and anywhere. The lawyers assigned to a particular client’s suit are experts in the particular area of concern. The most intriguing aspect of Lawyered, however, is that they are extremely pocket-friendly.

They also do not levy any prior charges and their customers are willing to bear testimony to the fact that the firm has made it possible to them to access legal counsel at a very nominal cost.

CabBazar- Booking cabs online is something everyone depends on. It saves you a lot of effort in having to ensure that your local cab services have cars for the next day. All you need is to select your location, and you have a car coming to pick you up. But these online services are not without fault. Many of them have an unreal wait time,and their prices surge within the day, minus any warning. Therefore, we all needed another player, that would address our concerns.

The brainchild of Amit Shall, CabBazar is an online “taxi aggregator” that was founded in 2017. This platform solves all the problems that we would normally face with a commonly known and used online cab service. CabBazar ensures not only that the customer does not have to wait for long, In fact, if the cab reaches before you, they also do not charge extra as wait time. Therefore, it should be no surprise that their prices are economical. You can also avail their services to book cabs for outstation locations too!

EValk- With the advent of technology, and how much a part it is, in our daily lives we often take for granted, services like speech recognition. While we can nonchalantly use it, how can put deaf brethren redeem the benefits of the same?In order to solve this problem, Roman Wyhowski, and Konstantin Bondar, both experts in the field of Computer Vision and AI, decided to solve the problem by starting EValk, an AI based program to convert ASL to speech.

VOKO- For people who have to move to a new location every few months, lugging around your furniture can be a complete nightmare. People who do not wish to commit to buying furniture, resort to renting it, which causes huge problems as the renting market in India is not up to mark.

Having experienced this themselves, Bhuvnesh Sharma and Harsh Vardhan launched Operations for VOKO in 2016. VOKO which provides rentals for both office and home needs at affordable prices. However, they are more than simply rental services, for their aim is to help millennials with the option of not buying their own furniture. They also have products that are affordable, and can be used by anyone.

Square1- Starting a digital e-commerce shop can be an extremely arduous task. In order to combat the problem, and make it as easy as it was during the days of eBay, Ashish Bhatia decided to start Square1, a headless e-commerce platform.  It is the fastest way to build e-commerce apps. They help you take the mess out of e-commerce development, by neither reinventing the wheel, or giving you something that already exists in the market. All they wish for you is to build a store that stands out, while saving money and time.

Kuants- Founded by Mohit Bansal and Ayush Gangwar, both graduates of IIT-Kharagpur, in October 2017, Kuants is an algorithmic trading platform. The vision of Kuants is to make the domain of algorithmic trading, in its entirety, more accessible in the Indian markets. This domain is often marred by blockages like lack of hardware/software infrastructure, lack of technical knowledge, and low clarity on concepts.

Haven’t these  startups blown your mind? Not only are they making strides in their respective domains, but their concepts are also shying away from towing the mainstream. If you are a potential investor and are interested in considering any of them as a potential investment, you are invited to join India Accelerator’s Demo Day on the 26th of October, 2018, at the Palms Town and Country Club, Gurgaon. All you have to do is register yourself by clicking on the link below.