Being Formal is one of the terms which has explicitly become an industry expectation. One of the most popular anticipations from the corporate is the crisp shirts and the unimpeachable pants. We see everyone sitting upright on their desks following the exact schedule they are told by their to-do lists. Though it might not be so, it seems as if Corporate is the colourless world when we compare it with Cowork, which represents the informal side of the industry.

When we compare Coworking with the Corporate world it feels like a revolution. Cowork is what can be called as the anti-semantic of Corporate. Why did the culture become popular? One obvious reason has been coming of the new generation, who expected to work differently than normal. Creativity, Networking, Collaboration, are the common reasons but one thing that has made the ecosystem share this kind of culture around the world is the liberty of becoming and finding oneself.

This one line which is going around the ecosystem is; “if you want to learn, join a Startup and the time you think you want stability in life to join a corporate”. Hence, this analogy between Hustle and Permanence seems like a balanced equation when thought about deeply. And this is one of the reasons Cowork has become the point of initiation for what we call - ‘Hustle’.

Coworking space provides a more productive vibe. And that has less to do with Coworking as an infrastructure but more as the work culture space represents. The small businesses and startups have developed this informal more liberal concept of work. It is no more about how you do work but about getting the work done. This improves what we have been discussing; the productivity.

So, this ecosystem where there is less pressure of following the expected protocols helps the workforce embrace work more enthusiastically. It might seem unrealistic when we talk in terms of the relationship between CoWork culture and its effect on employees but the concept was originally driven on the premise to improve productivity by creating a more open work culture.

Cowork in real terms was conceived as a model that helps curb the saturation which comes with monotony and repetition at the workspace. This is something which works in sync with the startup culture. The synergy between both the concepts works so well that in this new ecosystem they have become the inevitable part of one another.