Take My Money” and “Just Do It” are sets of three words that you can immediately associate with the brand Nike, because as soon as you see something under Nike branding, your brain goes “I SHOULD HAVE THAT”. There are few companies you can think of, who have built their brand around 3 impactful words. These 3 words show us how we go about our lives, and whether we are really doing significant things or things we wanted to do which will make us happy. ARE WE? It’s a real thinker!

How much time did you let pass by without DOING what you really in your heart of hearts want to do? Feeling a bit shaken? Well, that’s a good thing, embrace this feeling and let’s start doing something that contributes to your happiness. Let’s learn a little something about a solution to “EXECUTE” what we like to call the 70%  solution.

Ideas are Easy; Execution is Tough!

For an Entrepreneur and startup investors, ideas are like a free-flowing river in their mind. “The next big thing/idea” is probably a daily routine thing for entrepreneurs. Some ideas hit you more than others:  it is probably one of those ideas you have been excited about for a long time, like maybe you’ve found your Eureka moment! However, when reality starts to kick in, how you will struggle to execute, doubts and hesitations start to seep in. How will you even piece this puzzle together? Instant overwhelming feeling cripples you into a state of frenzy and you end up dropping it!

It feels like all your ideas are garbage and you will never be able to get to that place where you are just this awesome hotshot entrepreneur with a hotshot idea that will change the world! Self-loathing begins, darkness takes over the weather feels gloomy and you go back to whatever you were doing to sustain yourself! And as we stressed before, ideas are an everyday thing for entrepreneurs, and this never-ending cycle of self-pity will carry on!

The 70% Solution

How do you break the wall and run past this hurdle of self-sabotage, doubt, and hesitation and get into that JUST DO IT zone? Here, we deploy something called the 70% strategy. What is it? Well, brace yourself – Entrepreneurs might find this a bitter pill to swallow.

In this strategy, you trade perfection for completion. In a sense,  you should execute some work you are only 70% satisfied with rather than have no work because you were waiting to hit “the right spot”. This notion of actually understanding everything and everything perfected before you actually execute is ludicrous.

YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL.  But this failure shouldn’t deter you from chipping away at your brilliant idea and figuring out how to best realize.

What most of us with the entrepreneurial spirit don’t realize is that we will never be satisfied. Our greatest efforts will usually never be enough in our eyes and even when we do accomplish something, we will immediately be looking for the next rush of excitement in another endeavour.

So make execution your priority!  Execute, Worry about Judgement and results later.

IA Team