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Knotty Tales: A Wholesome Wedding Suite

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Save the date! The big day has been set, you have found your soulmate and you just can’t wait to be married. But wait, you have a whole festival of sorts to plan: guests, vendors, location, venues, reception, and it feels like everything is collapsing at once! So what if at this time, there was an integrated app which consolidated all your event itinerary, allowed you to set up a separate platform for all things related to your wedding? Let’s have a look at Knotty Tales,  your complete wedding suite.

What is Knotty Tales? 

Knotty Tales is basically a mobile App, which helps you share your wedding invites, the event, as well as wedding pictures, and also the story behind the wedding! Knotty Tales helps you marry off in style, but without all the chaos that comes along with it. Organization is the key to pulling off a great wedding. When you start preparing for a wedding, you realize that it’s not entirely about fairytale dreams and beautiful destinations.

Knotty Tales, as their name suggests, is the platform to tell the story of your wedding digitally. Claiming to ease the journey to the altar,  Knotty Tales are aiming to be your one-stop solution for all your wedding woes and wow your guests at the same time! A digital planner for your wedding, the Knotty Tales might be the solution to ease wedding planning at your fingertips.

What Can You Do With Knotty Tales? 

Knotty tales helps you consolidate all your wedding tools and present all of them together in the ideal fiesta you imagined it to be. With this app, you can send out invitation cards, digital invites, collect RSVPs and your own personalized wedding application. In addition to this, the application is, as they say, ‘effortlessly social’ in an incredibly chic design. There is also an option to enquire and choose between wedding photographers.

The application, in essence, promotes the concept of a wedding social network which allows not just you, but the guests as well, to share the little moments from your wedding which make it an extra bit special. Added into the feature list of this application is an incredibly efficient method to organize your guest list, all within a few taps on your phone. The app also helps you account for last-minute changes in the plans or just to gather all the guests, by sending instant notifications via broadcasting. 

This is not where the functionality of the app stops – sharing the event itinerary for your wedding for the events, sub-events schedules, dress codes, etc. Of course, you can also share travel notes with guests, helping them navigate to your destination with the aid of maps.

With the Knotty Tales app, memories stay alive forever. You can cherish the moments, the chats, the photos, and everything related to your big day when you look back! You can also update the moments from your life such as anniversaries, honeymoons to help you savour the journey years later.

Destination files will help your guests get acquainted with your destination – you can also share the tourist spots, shopping centres and attractions of the area around your destination. This will help make the wedding experience a wholesome and complete affair which will be a joy to behold for everyone and yourself for the years to come!

This startup venture and it’s ideation struck a chord with India Accelerator and helped them secure entry into the Spring 2019 Cohort Program of the Seed Accelerator Program. An association with this accelerator program india entitles Knotty Tales to a multitude of perks, including a cash perk of ₹ 15 lakh – ₹ 25 lakhs, an incubation space, access to world-class mentorship, and the chance to take their venture into a higher gear. Knotty Tales will help many people realize their dream of the perfect wedding.

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