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In today’s volatile and unpredictable world, coworking culture has had a positive influence on startups and large companies. Shared workspaces enable every company in building and maintaining a robust team culture by offering a hyper-collaborative and flexible work environment. A majority of companies in their early stages of growth prefer joining a coworking culture that helps them in developing agile teams, minimizing overheads, empowering value streams, and maintaining their financial fitness.

Every year, there is increasing uptake of coworking among companies from around the world. Startups are loving coworking spaces for their flexible leasing and seamless scalability. Similarly, large corporations are partnering with leading coworking service providers to deploy their corporate offices and provisional teams in new locations.

Several factors, as such, drive the migration of company culture to a coworking office space. Below are the five effective advantages of coworking spaces that help companies create a unique work culture in a shared environment.

1. Personalization Of Workspaces

To establish a strong work culture, a company needs to set up an effective office space. With shared workspaces, companies can personalize their office setups by making seating arrangements more creative, decorating desk-spaces for inspiration, and highlighting the company’s mission on walls and partitions.

Shared workspaces have an open floor plan, which allows companies to apply their own layout while setting up collaborative workspaces. Teams with maximum interaction can be placed together. For employee onboarding, coworking spaces also offer customization of desks and countertops.

2. The Support Of Community Manager

Coworking spaces have a community manager that supports the company culture of each member company. The role of a community manager is to operate the office management team while being synchronous with the shared vision and necessities of the companies. If a company needs any customization with their office setup, a community manager addresses these demands and finds a solution. The manager also takes care of offering amenities to the companies on the basis of their requirements.

3. Availability Of Ample Amenities

For sharing a workspace, companies need to facilitate their teams with maximum amenities. In most coworking spaces, a team player (coworker) gets access to business-critical amenities such as conference rooms, projector rooms, and IT support services. At the same time, a coworker also enjoys the perks of catered lunches, high-end gadgets, gaming zones, group networking activities, and happy hour events.

4. Social Recognition

People working in shared workplaces are able to take more pride in their work. By collaborating with other members, one can take onus for the accomplishments, which is often lost in isolated corporate offices.

A coworking space boosts your recognition among your colleagues. It serves, also, as a tool to boost your brand value. With the use of all available technologies, one can gain extra support for completing tasks. This results in boosting the morale of the individual, the team, and the company altogether.

5. Focusing On Communication

For building company culture, the best advantage that a coworking space offers is the focus on communication. In shared workspaces, teams are able to work in sync with each other. It is easy to create a coherent goal for a project and share the company vision. In addition to this, company activities can be regulated properly and there is no instance of miscommunication among coworkers. For some workers, coworking spaces can be distracting. But, overall, the communication channels provided in a coworking office are far more critical for the company’s social and economic development.

These five advantages highlight the role of a coworking space in improving the work culture of a company. Any company that’s interested in enhancing teamwork and boosting productivity, can reap the benefits of these factors by switching to a coworking workplace.

IA Team