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Deconstructing a pitch into constructive layers

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Pallav Modi (Founder, Almadesimple | Founder, Istyleyou), stimulated the spirits of IA’s accelerator program on the Mentor’s Day, dated 4-03-2020, with his impeccable insights on deconstructing a pitch into constructive layers. He put across industrial exemplars to bring-forth the importance of synergistically analysing the right time to hit the market. He emphasised, “More than the decks, it’s your energy that takes you through”. Further ahead, he drew an objective comparison between the perspective stretch of start-ups in the west and in India. He also threw light on the significance of consistently building your start-up’s LinkedIn network, and of reaching out to 5 relevant people a day through emailers. His empowering concluding words weaved the takeaway from the session, “The crux is to become unemotional about your product, and to become emotional about your market(domain).”