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The Angel Day

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The start-up ecosystem is well versed with the concept of Demo Day – the culmination of the grueling accelerator programs, where start-up founders have two minutes to make the pitch of their lives and dazzle the investors.
The investment was a part of its ‘Angel day’ by-invitation only event, which was an exclusive opportunity for a selected group of investors and angels to be part of a private viewing of their most recent curated and selected list of start-ups, before they kick off their journey at the accelerator.
The idea was to bring the investors up ahead in the investment cycle of startups, which increases the returns for investors significantly. The shortlisted startups were across the spectrum of sector and at different stages in the value chain, which helped cater to the interest areas of the diverse group of investors.
Date: 13th November 2017
Venue: IAC Premises.