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The Inner Circle Event

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Picking winners on the stock market, where companies have established track records and there is a large body of information about them at hand, is hard. Picking winners when a company is little more than a few hundred lines of code is orders of magnitude more difficult.
While there’s no doubt that the flip side of a high-return asset class such as startups is a high risk of losing money, by taking a careful, professional approach over the long term, statistics show that you are likely to generate higher returns than virtually any other traditional asset class. And if you’re at all like us, you may well have a great deal of fun along the way!
Investing in companies with reasonable initial valuations (typically in very low, single-digit less than a million) and ensuring 6-months of intense acceleration for them under the guidance of some of the experts in Start-up ecosystem is a good way to increase your chance of achieving strong returns for your angel portfolio. And so IA invites you to be part of The Inner Circle where the selected gathering of highly-curated guests will get a first-hand view of investment opportunities available for a savvy investor who is looking forward to some structured instruments to invest in the Start-up world.
Date: March 9th, 2019
Venue: The Quorum, Two Horizon Center, Gurugram