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Tricks of Trade: How to structure your pitch for an Angel Investor?

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Amidst the CoronaVirus pandemic, we understand the need for mentorship in testing times like these when the regular processes are challenged and all the founders are surrounded with a pool of apprehensions on the revenues for the coming months. Ensuring the support doesn’t get hampered, India Accelerator has hosted a virtual mentor session with Mr. Digvijay Singh (COO, Indian Angel Network) open for our cohort and co-working startups. He has over 20 years of experience for investor/member engagement, shortlisting & curation process, building robust processes and frameworks, portfolio management and brand building. He shared his perspective on what the impact of the current outbreak will be on funding for the next few months and how startups can be better prepared for pitching to Angel Investors. Our 16 weeks cohorts are moving towards its last phase and while the startups are enhancing their finished products, Mr. Singh’s insights we found to be extremely significant by them.