My organization is part of a co-work set-up and the plus point of working in a co-working space is that one gets in touch with all kinds of people and I would like to say this insistently, people with extremely diverse backgrounds and experiences. And hence, of course, you pick up on some things when you are constantly in touch with people around you.

So, some days back a conversation over coffee turned into a serious discussion between a co-worker and me, about why it had become a standard to constantly criticize ideas and work culture of another organization or maybe even one’s own. Now, we all see ourselves as the messiah’s and the others here evidently seem to be playing the role of devils minions.

This common practice is what puts organizations including Startups and Co-work in a state of compromise. The Co-operate culture recently has found its way into the ‘Think Big, Start Small’ organizations. The Founders go through this premise most commonly. Think big and Start small is fine, but being founders we all go through this period of resistance, where we have to resist against every negative idea.

The practically required mental strength to overcome these kinds of problems is what the founders need to work on. It is very easy to ‘Think Big’, but it is the most challenging to ‘Make it Big’ in the industry. I know we all know that, but have we realized that, is the question?

So as we continued talking, he who was a founder seemed to be facing the classic issue of being constantly misunderstood and blindsided. People working with him had so many issues at the same time no one wanted to discuss them. A Startup which had hardly 10 and fewer team members were already facing grapevine situation for which Agile methodology is introduced in the big Co-operates so that they do not face any communication gaps.

“Who is thinking big here except me? I can’t understand”, was the founder's statement. Yes! Do we all see the problem? It was not just the team which was the problem but it was also the Founder who was thinking of himself as a superhero because of, you know what?
He had a big idea, he took the risk, to begin with, and he was running it all.

This is called the “Gecko Syndrome”; where the gecko aka the lizard thinks that it is able to carry the weight of the ceiling just because it is able to walk on it. Therefore, in this organization, the team members thought that they were running the show and the founder thought that it was him who was the superhero saviour.

So, the whole team including the founder was most easily able to ‘Think’ that they were Big. But none of them questioned who was working on the “Start Small”.

I never said anything to the guy! Because I felt it was not alright to keep an opinion until I knew both the sides of the coin. But it seemed fair enough to put the question around the ecosystem, of why are we feeling the need to follow agile at the most initial stages? Why is this communication gap occurring among the smallest of teams? You have two choices to find an answer; either think and evaluate yourself or simply call an Agile Consultancy team who can find you a solution (that was a low key joke), but on a serious note the least we can do is, go back and think about where do we stand as a team?