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Stress: the biggest drawback of modern-day work life, arguably, the most important factor behind postmodern anxieties. We often tend to forget that personal wellbeing and wellness are also important aspects of our professional lives. Not convinced? According to a report by Capita People Solutions, nearly 80% of working professionals felt stressed at work in 2017.

The notion of stressful working environments were somewhat obliterated with the advent of coworking office spaces. In coworking spaces, the attention towards wellness has increased significantly – however, coworking space owners might still find it challenging to develop holistic wellness programs for their members. 

Don’t worry, we are here for the rescue! 

The key to improving the wellness factor of a coworking experience can be achieved through the following initiatives: 

  • Increasing Mindfulness with Yoga/Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are popular wellness trends in coworking spaces around the world. Today, leading coworking conglomerations are promoting the practice of yoga by helping their employees meditate regularly for an hour or more. Coworking spaces can organise meditation & yoga sessions for members in common areas or recreational spaces, as these practices help bolster confidence, concentration, and emotional stability.

Corporate yoga instructors can guide members towards exercising simple forms of yoga. Within a week, coworkers will realise a significant drop in their stress levels! In no time, more members will be interested in accessing meditation classes or yoga sessions. Such initiatives can be aimed to improve their presence of mind and foster better communication between coworkers.

  • Encouraging More Coffee Breaks, Healthy Snacks, and Short Naps

The heart of coworking lies in the flexibility to grants to its members. Amenities such as endless streams of tea/coffee, recreational areas, napping areas, and a loaded pantry boost the overall health and well-being of coworking professionals in the midst of hectic work schedules. However, coworking spaces can take these benefits one step further by incorporating the aspect of health and wellness into the same. How can you accomplish that? Here’s how. 

While coffee breaks are a part of every coworking ecosystem, perhaps this can be made even more fruitful if the spaces provides a range of healthier beverage options. For instance, there can be options for low fat coffee, black coffee, green tea, and so on. This way, coffee breaks will not only allow some time off for the employees but also prove to be beneficial for their well-being by lowering stress, increasing energy levels, and boosting metabolism. Fruits, yoghurt, mixed nuts, and other healthy snacks can be made available in the pantry to improve the mental acuity of coworkers and increase their focus and productivity during workdays.

To help members re-energise, coworking offices can consider installing nap desks or converting medium cabin spaces into nap-rooms. According to a NASA study, a 40-min nap can boost individual performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. Sales and marketing professionals, or any member under a lot of stress, can use such naptime facilities to restore their alertness and lower the risk of exhaustion-led mistakes and accidents. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Green Colours, Ambient Sounds, and Natural Light

Studies suggest that exposure to green helps us think in an innovative manner. To support mental wellness, coworking spaces can install eco-friendly decorations such as real plants and blooming flower pots. For filling up the maximum amount of space with natural light, walls can be painted in lighter shades of green or blue. Acoustic treatment can decrease noise levels, and ambient sounds played in the background through speakers can help people relax and work more creatively.

  • Hosting Seminars On Financial Wellness, Stress Management, And Lifestyle Mentoring

The financial well-being of coworking professionals is as important as their physical and mental wellness. While working towards a common goal such as wellness, gaining knowledge from experts renews motivation. Coworking spaces can host weekly or bi-weekly seminars on stress management to help members enhance their individual productivity as well as develop better team morale. 

Coworking seminars that discuss critical factors to business success and the growth of personal wealth can impact their professional lives tremendously. Most members of coworking offices are independent professionals; hence a good mentorship session on career and lifestyle choices can go a long way in bettering their future. After all, nothing is more effective than community building, which is, in fact, the crux of coworking! 

  • 24/7 Access and Volunteer Activities

Most coworkers would be delighted to participate in events hosted at their office. To promote health and wellness, coworking offices can organise “volunteering” days where members participate in activities such as fundraiser marathons, hiking expeditions, or charity walks. Apart from being fun, these events promote team building and individual involvement. Goodbye, anxiety!

Coworking communities can also adopt the trend of cycling and encourage members to commute through rental bicycles on particular weekdays. On some days, members can be allowed to voluntarily bring their pets to work. These activities can help create a strong sense of community between them. 

Wellness programs at coworking offices can be organised in such a way that members can implement them easily. Any program that keeps them away from unhealthy habits, boosts their physical activity, and helps them manage stress & mental health can become a great wellness initiative for coworking spaces. Essentially, they should be able to participate in these programs flexibly and learn how to gain the benefits of healthy wellbeing with each passing day. 

Glide your way into healthy coworking!

IA Team

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