Coworking Spaces

People interested in coworking office spaces look for various things before joining. They pay attention to every detailed element featured in the space, which helps them understand the suitability of that space in sync with their nature of work.

To ensure that a majority of people join them, coworking spaces in India strive to add multiple components to their spaces. These components are thoughtfully-designed, and they all serve the common role of improving the facilitation of collaboration, productivity, creativity, and convenience.

Here are some aesthetic details that draw attention and more memberships while selecting a co-working office space.

Bright Common Areas

The foremost thing to notice in a coworking office is the common area. If the commons are brighter than the cubicles and desk spaces, then it lifts the mood of people working for long hours. Reasonably, individuals feel more attracted to an office with a bright common area. Ideally, the ceiling of common areas should be lit with skylights, somewhat resembling a rooftop vibe.

Uncurtained Windows

Corporate offices and private workspaces are devoid of windows because most companies consider them a distraction. In coworking spaces, however, this practice needs to be completely abolished. There is a different way in which windows accentuate work environments. If a coworking office has large windows with no curtains, the entire space gets brightened up with natural light. Peeping outside such soulful windows also helps people become more creative in their work. These windows help us get distracted towards the outdoor scenery for a while, only to resume work refreshed.

Ample Greenery

Adding more plants in a coworking space increases the oxygen levels and purifies the enclosed air. Most people prefer having plants around them in a place of work. It gives them a blend of nature and urbanization. It is also important to use the right types of plants for your coworking space. Lemon Balm, Bamboo, Green Ficus (dwarf), and several other table-top plants can be placed on office desks to improve the overall landscape of the coworking environment.

Engaging Meeting Booths

In most private offices, there’s always a problem with booking conference rooms for team meetings, client calls or group discussions. Coworking office spaces can solve this by creating multiple micro-conference rooms, also called “meeting booths.” An increase in the availability of these compact, enclosed spaces allows every team to book a room. Most startups and individuals in a coworking office need conference rooms with limited seating capacity. Hence, the compactness of these meeting booths is not an issue. To make these spaces even more productive and engaging, you can equip them with amenities, landline connections, plants, multiple power sockets, smart whiteboards, etc.

Functional Furniture

One last thing that needs your detailed attention to facelift your coworking office is the type of furnishings used. Make sure to avoid cluttering the office in a bid to maximize every square-feet of area. Have plenty of compact, multifunctional storage furniture such as desk cabinets and drawer cabinets. Colour the tabletops with bright shades of blue, green, orange or yellow to help people find their belongings easily.

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IA Team