Co-working has become the new way of life when it comes to entrepreneurs running small businesses. These spaces have enabled the businesses to uncover new ways of supporting themselves. A co-working space helps us to cut across the value chain. It facilitates opportunities connecting people from all kinds of places, backgrounds and cultures, which gives the space a cosmopolitan texture. The best part of these spaces is that they inhabit a bohemian feel, where everyone and anyone can work the way they want. This open-space culture provides the freedom for co-workers to work in their most efficient capacity. The co-working space values the essential creative culture that the co-operate workspace had forgotten.

Today, it is all about Collaboration and Interaction at co-working. The one thing the small businesses were lacking was the capacity to expand and grow at a constant pace, as and when required. The opportunities that these spaces open up to the co-working organizations could not have been produced in closed rooms.

The building block of the co-working space is; being modelled over the collaborative force. The initiation into new opportunities contemplated through relationships and its community program design enables the co-workers to empower one another through this uninterrupted connectivity. The numerous networking possibilities at a co-working space facilitate structural support, where it builds around an idea that is more than a simple contract negotiation.

The business model of the co-working space itself works upon supporting the young and the budding founders and freelancers over time. The young always come with better ideas in concern to capturing the market needs or just perusing their passion. This aesthetic approach to the new trending nature of work culture supports all these new styles of operation.

Disruption is called out loud globally when we talk about the startup culture or entrepreneurship. The unconventional and the innovative is the go-to approach for the young and not so young founders. It is all about the idea and no more about the status quo. Startup culture itself has broken the chains that the corporate culture had internalized in the structural and hierarchical nature of labour.

Co-work has helped in instilling the idea of sharing and learning together, where everyone is able to grow and expand their businesses. This instant boosting effect is significant when it comes to the capacitating workability of small businesses.