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Turning Ideas into Assets.


Global Accelerator Network

The GAN is a ‘By-Invite’ network of over 80 of the most highly respected accelerators on six continents and more than 100 cities around the world. To date, the network has helped some 3,200 companies receive over $4.8B USD in funding and create 21,000 jobs globally.

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Network of Gurus

Organiq consulting, a partner with IA, is a network of experienced mentors, trainers, and gurus in Technology, Agility, DevOps, etc.
Organiq serves industry leaders such as EBay, Target, Fidelity Investments among others.

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Strategic Alliances

No matter what stage a startup is at, strategic alliances create new opportunities for business growth. Successful start-ups need such partnerships to overcome the business challenges they faced on multiple fronts, by teaming with specialist companies sharing the same vision.

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The Program: S2019

We are accepting applications from startups for the Spring 2019 cohort, which will take place from February - June 2019. The S2019 Program is an intensive 4-month innovation “boot camp” based on the Lean Start-up, Design Thinking & Business Canvas and includes cash, competence and connects, along with co-working & space and other perks. Please submit your application online by January 31st. Early submissions increase the chances of early decision so apply at the earliest. We may accept applications after the deadline - but only exceptional cases.


Design gives form to the ideas of founders… and we make sure it’s designed to scale! So we kick off the program with this phase where we officially start ‘looking under the hood’. The focus for the phase is the business model, customer validations and mentor dating!

Business Idea Design


Your business with India Accelerator

The second phase is all about execution! Dating gets serious now with lead mentors getting associated with each of the startups. Lean Agile Coaches help to transform your product to ‘build the architecture for tomorrow’!


Get the right product for the right market! Startups don’t work out of offices so founders go out in the market to assess the product-market fit and evolve to create the product that market wants!



Your business with India Accelerator

The final phase of the program is focused on scaling up the startup. The growth comes from injection of capital, customer acquisition, strategic partnerships and brand establishment. All of these phases culminate into Demo Day, which is a platform for further financial investment.

Our Companies

We pick up technology start-ups in any domain, at any stage and from anywhere in the world as long as the idea & the team are good. If you see a company you would like to work for, please drop us a note and we can connect you with the founders.

While we're mostly domain agnostic, we do have certain industries we're interested in.







Mentorship Driven

Mentorship is the secret sauce for any accelerator. And IA is no exception. We are highly selective about the mentors we bring in for our they are a strong influential force in shaping the journey of the startup.

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Mentorship Driven

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Innovation Program helps corporates gain access to early stage innovations, attract entrepreneurial talent, and elicit new ideas and early stage innovations from outside its four walls on how to solve important business problems.
It also helps startups add powerful industry expertise through hands-on mentorship, business development opportunities, and access to resources to help them accelerate faster.