Let’s think opportunity: Today & Tomorrow

[URIS id=7263] A pandemic is a challenge absolutely uncalled for if you are an early-stage

Low cost scalability and growth

[URIS id=7259] Is funding always the necessary precondition to growth? The indicator of growth and

What will investors look for post covid-19

[URIS id=7255] Mr Dhianu Das, Founder (Alfa Ventures) hosted the fourth DIAL IN session on

How to attain stability while in a crisis

[URIS id=7251] When the business are on the same page, facing procedural and growth issues

An entrepreneur’s guide for survival

[URIS id=7241] In our promise of extending the best support to our start-ups, we launched

Funding Scenario amidst the Crisis

[URIS id=7246] The virtual mentor session of ‘DIAL IN’ series ‘CRACK THE CRISIS’ the expert

How can you enable uncompromising productivity even while you are operating from home?

[URIS id=7243] With challenging times in the COVID-19 crisis the functioning of any business might

Tricks of Trade: How to structure your pitch for an Angel Investor?

[URIS id=7206] Amidst the CoronaVirus pandemic, we understand the need for mentorship in testing times

Deconstructing a pitch into constructive layers

[URIS id=7200] Pallav Modi (Founder, Almadesimple | Founder, Istyleyou), stimulated the spirits of IA’s accelerator

Panel Discussion for Women Entrepreneurs

[URIS id=7142] To our delight, WEN by IIM Society arranged an enlightening session for #womenentrepreneurs at India Accelerator,

Financials and Valuations and Individual Funding requirements

[URIS id=7134] We are motivated to have been witnessing our accelerator program being diversified into

Finding the right investor

[URIS id=7125] As a part of its ongoing Accelerator Program, India Accelerator hosted its Mentor’s

What an investor looks for in your pitch?

[URIS id=7117] Going ahead with our valuable accelerator’s program, we are inspired to have had


[URIS id=7049] On 6th February, India Accelerator’s MG Road coworking space played host to BExGuruwaar

Debate: Incubators, Accelerators VS Self Starters ‘ at the iXi Summit 2020

[URIS id=7041] Kudos to India Accelerator’s General Manager and partner Mr. Munish Bhatia who was

Investment round table 2020

[URIS id=7021] India Accelerator’s proud association with the High Commission of Canada in India paved

Financials and Valuations by Mr. Varun Sethi.

[URIS id=6999] On 31st January, India Accelerator’s MG Road co-working space witnessed Tech Lawyer, Mr

The Tech Day

[URIS id=6919] India Accelerator celebrated ‘Tech Day’ on 16th January 2019 with Mr. Sachin Arora,

Mentor Day by Ashish Khare

[URIS id=6911] 17th January marked India Accelerator’s 3rd #MentorDay for the month of January 2020,

Mentor Session by Jasjit Singh

[URIS id=6896] On 24th January, India Accelerator’s MG Road co-working space was graced by the

Marketing Day

[URIS id=6886] On 22nd January, India Accelerator in association with Startup Buddy hosted ‘Marketing Day’

TalkTail 2.0

[URIS id=6872] India Accelerator’s collaboration with Startup Buddy, paved way for TalkTail 2.0 – a

Future of Fintech

[URIS id=6839] On 18th January, India Accelerator’s MG Road Co-working space hosted ‘Future of Fintech’

Mentor Day

[URIS id=6790] 8th January 2020, marked day two of our #MentorDay with Mr. Addison Appu

Mentor day – How to be investor ready

[URIS id=6766] Mr. Prajakt Raut, founder of, graced India Accelerator on Mentor Day with

Objectives and Key Results Session

[URIS id=6710] Mr. Deepak Sharma, partner and consultant at India Accelerator, imparted words of wisdom

Incubation and Start-Up Centre Congress 2019

[URIS id=6700] General Manager and Partner at India Accelerator, Mr. Munish Bhatia captivated everyone present

Launch of 4th Cohort Program’19.

[URIS id=6184] India Accelerator proudly announced the launch of its 4th Cohort Program’19 on 27th

AI Winter Cohort – November’19

Over the weekend, India Accelerator and kick-started an AI cohort that enabled start-up founders

IA Networking Session

[URIS id=6147] India Accelerator organized IA networking session at it’s newly launched 300+ seater co-working

Demo Day 2019

[URIS id=5818] India Accelerator hosted the 3rd edition of Demo Day on 3rd August, 2019

Digital Marketing Workshop by Siddhartha Vanvani, CEO, Digidarts Marketing.

[URIS id=5704] Dated: Thursday, 11th July, 2019

Scaling up your Business by Valuation Escalations

[URIS id=5618] Varun Sethi is a Technology Lawyer from India and has been in the startup

POSH event at India Accelerator

[URIS id=5521] Lawyered and India Accelerator, Gurugram conducted #MentorHours on 20th June 2019 on ‘Prevention

Breakthrough India Event at India Accelerator

[URIS id=5510] Breakthrough is a human rights organisation Seeking to make violence and discrimination against

The Inner Circle Event

[URIS id=4836] Picking winners on the stock market, where companies have established track records and

Demo Day Summer 2018

[URIS id=4839] Sixteen weeks of hard work, sleepless nights, discussions, debates and decisions will come

The Angel Day

[URIS id=4839] The start-up ecosystem is well versed with the concept of Demo Day –

Growth thinking and strategies for Startups

[URIS id=4881] Amardeep Bajpai is the founder of Webisdom and Director at Webgulf Digital. He has