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Beware of Vasooli – pay your Technical Debt

Startups are always rushing to ship new product features as fast as possible. Time-to-Market is one of the most important factors to survive out there. Unfortunately, the most common casualty in the rush to ship things faster is ‘Product Quality’. You willingly cut corners wherever possible to ensure that timelines are met, unknowingly increasing your Technical Debt.

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From the Editor’s Desk

Rewind a couple of years and it felt that Life had ‘two states’: the things you do that’s called ‘work’ & the rest of the time you could do what you wanted, and that was called ‘play’. And the twain shall never meet! The two were separate buckets where one waited for the weekends to roll in to make up for the weekdays!

Don’t get me wrong - I liked my work enough to keep me going…and how much are you supposed to like what you do anyway? Well, quite a lot I guess.

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Entrepreneurs! Think Again.

The most common abbreviation used when one feels frustrated and tired of the monotony of work. We all wish to do something of our own so often that we forget about the persisting cons, which is always field specific, we forget that they will still exist.Being blind-sided by the dream state persona of a business venture is the step we need to watch out for or one may step into the illusion of a reality that does not exist.

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Why Coworking is the Way To Go

You can start out solo, or with a co-founder, or maybe a team of few employees. You can start out of your dorm room, make a home-office or sit at the nearby coffee shop. But you’ll surely need to scale up sooner or later, as you start to take your business more seriously and so do others.

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