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Entrepreneurs! Think Again.

I Quit!

 The most common abbreviation used when one feels frustrated and tired of the monotony of work. We all wish to do something of our own so often that we forget about the persisting cons, which is always field specific, we forget that they will still exist.Being blind-sided by the dream state persona of a business venture is the step we need to watch out for or one may step into the illusion of a reality that does not exist.  

 The difference you ask?

The cons change places but they exist. The generality of the idea of doing business in a country like India follows a mismatch to understanding the evolution of the concept as well as the approach to business. This is the major reason we regularly find Startups lopsided. They suddenly feel the shortcomings striking the structure of the company, increasing the chances of initial collapse.

The Meltdown!

Now, suddenly the bossism melts into a wave of guilt leading to disappointment and frustration completing the circle to the premise, I Quit! This dilemma can be prevented by a pain-free approach. The dilemma you stand at today could have been averted if you would not have taken the venture as a dream with a fantastical scope but with a rational fielding of strategic precaution and risk playoff which provides one with a larger scope of success.

Keep an Approachable Approach 

What you need to remember is that passion and drive are necessary but it must go hand in hand with realistic understanding to aesthetics of the field. This is the major reason startups and even venture investors go to an accelerator today because they are able to provide mentored classification to a startups dream. Approaching the microscopic possibilities has always been found more successful among the global startup community which now and again has turned to accelerators for this kind of support and specialization. We must not forget that they are the doctors of the field and following the path of evolution is what it needs to sustain.

Therefore, what needs to be conquered is the approach towards begging a business venture. The necessity of current trends will take you towards the long haul.