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Perks of Coworking: Amplify your Marketing Efforts

With more than one million professionals using coworking spaces currently, the trend to ditch regular leased spaces and switching to open desks, private cubicles, or cabins is spreading among the millennial workforce of first tier cities in India like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Freelancers, startups, and even MNCs that are new entrants in India are more than pleased to work in a space without long term commitments and sharing resources with others.

With majority of startups in Delhi-NCR and Bangalore being based on mobile technology and digital integration of everyday processes and products, an unobstructed supply of internet and power and a comfortable space tops the lists of requisites for most professionals, which is duly met by coworking spaces at considerably lower rates than renting or buying and maintaining a personal property along with flexible access.

But keeping these perks aside, can coworking really aid to boost your digital business, more than a traditional accommodation would?

A smart digital nomad needs to think smarter to leverage the unique advantages of coworking to market their business:

Networking (that you’ll inevitably be a part of)

As a millennial who grew up surrounded by technology, your chances of not ending up in a traditional workspace were meek even though it wasn’t evident, because we have actually moved to a more social civilization that needs constant communication with anyone who holds even a potential stake in your business which obviously won’t happen if everyone is always hidden behind walls and computer screens. Even though you think that networking events, be it formal or informal, are something you weren’t naturally programmed for, there is still no way to escape, that is if you are planning to grow your business. From name tags and business cards to elevator pitches and coffee machine gossip, networking is ubiquitous and indispensable for building awareness and contacts.Lucky for those who work out of coworking spaces, networking is built into your day-to-day work life and offers many casual and authentic opportunities to connect with other professionals. Simply chatting with your neighbors can lead to collaborations, new clients, and word-of-mouth momentum. Plus, these conversations are friendlier and more authentic than formal networking events.And luckily if conversations and relationships are your forte, most coworking spaces offer a calendar packed with meet-and-greets, demonstrations, trainings, celebrations and much more.

Make coworkers your initial audience

Coworking easily gives you access to a few dozen people who can be the first subscribers of you emailing list or your twitter followers. Face to face interaction every day at the office will cause these people to take more interest in your activities than anyone else from outside would. You can skip the ice-breaking and get to spreading your content as well as receiving honest feedback on your efforts.

Since most coworking spaces offer a member directory or are a part of the community on social networks like Facebook or Whatsapp groups, you can easily reach out to these accounts and get a follow back.

A place you can call ‘home’

Establishing and running a business over cloud is easier than ever and also successful but nothing beats having a physical address for your company that helps in establishing legitimacy and also aids practical convenience. With your coworking space, you get a physical postal address to share with your clients and other stakeholders.

You can strengthen your identity on social media and marketing platforms and make use of Google maps to claim a yelp page or enable geotagging. If your SEO includes directories, having an address is essential.