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Partners @ IA

Building and running a business involves several fronts - and require several services from different vendors; Legal, Technical, Marketing, Housing, Infrastructure, IT, and others. India Accelerator has partnered with these companies, which provide service to members @ IA at economical costs. All partners @ IA are verified, and amongst the best in their domain.



Big Drop Technologies is an end to end technology partner, with services in web, mobile and software development, digital marketing, design and PR. 


ORGANIQ Consulting

Organiq Consulting "helps improve the IQ of your organisation using Agile, DevOps and ITSM solutions". Organiq boasts of a beautiful portfolio, with names such as Ebay, Target, and Fidelity Investments on it. 


Starters CFO lets you outsource your accounts and financial requirements to a team in Delhi. They can help you with your taxes, returns, and all other financial / accounting requirements. 

Paritosh Pathak International

Paritosh Pathak International is an organization run and managed by Paritosh Pathak, India's first strategic networking coach. Paritosh Pathak teaches you to get your network to work for you, generating business (  and other ) opportunities for you. 

Column Inches

Column Inches is a company based out of Gurgaon itself, that helps you with PR and media needs.