2019 is definitely going to be the year of AI or Artificial Intelligence which will finally come into its own as a potent solution driver and problem solver across spaces like banking, healthcare and wellness, fintech, HR and even diagnostics. A bunch of Indian AI startups are making the right noises and some of them are slated to be industry leaders in 2019.

Here’s looking at some of the AI pioneers from India-

1.       Avaamo- Avaamo, the uniquely named Indian AI startup is basically a deep-learning software entity at its core, specializing in coming up with regular AI interfaces for solving enterprise issues. This startup has proprietary algorithms fused with Deep Domain ML models which learn and also execute judgment-based tasks like humans and multi-turn conversations. The company’s platform simplifies the overall time and effort required for deployment of virtual assistants/enterprise bots for customers and corporate sector employees. The secure messaging infrastructure is a major USP and so is easy embedding into any platform. Avaamo supplies solutions to leading global financial players, insurance firms, telecom companies and retailers.

2.      Artivatic Data Labs- The Company started in September 2016 and offers an end-to-end AI platform with ML technologies and intensive analyses of neuroscience, psychology and genomic science while helping startups, big enterprises and developers to create and integrate intelligent solutions/products. The company has 25 in-house products which have spawned 10+ industry solutions with 5 patents in process and 1 patent filed in the US and India. It works in sectors like lending, manufacturing, insurance, banking, robotics, healthcare and wealth management. ItsSmart AI Brain automates processes and enables decision making in real time.

3.      Bash.ai- Bash.ai has been stirring up a storm ever since it started in March 2017. The company helps in automating HR systems and procedures complete with virtual assistants and replicating cognitive HR functions. There is an interface offering real-time means of automating employee conversations and this can be accessed through instant messenger channels as well. There are modules for HR helpdesk, ticketing, orientation, payslip questions, company policies and engagement among others.

4.      Discovery AI- Another new startup, Discovery AI started life by the end of 2016 and enables conversational Customer Success for enterprise applications. The company strives to help businesses solve raw and intrusive issues with ample data and well-deployed AI. Context-sensitive is what the company wishes to be in terms of customer success.

5.      Niramai- This is a startup which is based in Bangalore and offers AI solutions for breast cancer screening. This method is a zero contact and non-invasive system of detecting breast cancer (early-stage) which is free from radiation. This works for women of all ages and the Thermalytix technology of the company is the key USP in this regard. It fuses ML algorithms with thermal images and the patented algorithms help in automating the entire procedure of analysis of 400, 000 temperature values measured for every individual.

6.      Rockmetric- Rockmetric specializes in cognitive data analysis and works to offer analysis and vital insights on demand via a Natural Language Search interface almost like Google. User queries are absorbed automatically, and data is analysed to throw up lovely insights which are descriptive along with charts and complex analyses. The platform offers ample intelligence for taking decisions along with spike and dip, target-gap and other analyses along with business reviews.

7.      ten3T- This is another unique startup that makes medical-grade wearables in tandem with a connected monitoring platform for vitals and uses proprietary analytics for ensuring predictive decisions. The mission of the company is to cater to the huge patient tracking gap beyond the ICU including responses towards warning signs and other deterioration so as to lower mortality. The Cicer vitals monitoring technology works in real time for saving lives and there are no disposable electrodes, lead wires and skin preparatory activities needed. It can be easily applied just like a Band-Aid. There are algorithms which seek out early indications of deterioration along with particular things like heart rate variability, respiratory issues, patient falls and atrial fibrillation. There is the colour coded EWS (Early Warning System) which offers alerts to caregivers of patients. The AI module also helps with predictive diagnostics and identifying changes.

While there are several other startups who can rightfully be called pioneers in the AI space, these 7 companies are definitely poised to lead the innovation and problem-solving in their respective core areas during 2019.

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