India Accelerator

Co Live

Accomodation designed for entreprenuers.


The founder way. 

We believe that entreprenuership is a lifestyle, and not a job. We help you achieve this life style, where you not only work with innovators like yourself, but live, and beer with them. 



Everyone needs their quiet moments. Private rooms help you take that break when you need it. 


All accommodations are equipped with games, spaces for events, bars, and libraries.   


24/7 Front Desk, Daily Housekeeping, Concierge, Gym, In-House Cab Service, Laundry.



All accommodations have a security personnel present 24 * 7, and is under constant CCTV surviallance.   


Luxury is nice, but we do not want to break the bank! All rooms are economically priced.


All accommodations are beautifully designed, furnished, and in beautiful, green socities. 


Live with us.

Companies can apply to live at India Accelerator's co live space without being a part of the accelerator program itself. 
An application for co living space is not the same as applying for acceleration or start up academy. 

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