Hero Section of B2B Tech

"Fueling the Future: Empowering B2B Tech Startups to Soar to New Heights of Scale and Success."

Why IA'B2B Tech?
Through a comprehensive 360-degree mentorship-driven approach and curated investor connections, our vertical empowers B2B tech innovators to surge into new dimensions of growth. We specialize in nurturing client leads, igniting a transformative journey of expansion.
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    Core Offerings of IA's B2B Tech
    • Help facilitate strategic partnerships
    • Guidance on being investor ready
    • strategic partnerships with VCs and GAN partners
    • explore synergies, partnership opportunities & joint ventures
    • Empowering startups with direct access to the India SME network through our platform.
      Success Stories
      Task Tracker
      "At India Accelerator, our role in Task Tracker's remarkable journey is a source of immense pride. We've been honored to contribute significantly to Task Tracker's evolution and expansion, providing them with invaluable support and opportunities. Our network of experienced mentors has been instrumental in refining Task Tracker's business strategies, streamlining operations, and enhancing overall performance. By fostering this partnership, we've empowered Task Tracker to tap into the immense potential of the Indian market and venture into international territories, notably the MENA region, opening doors to new growth avenues. Our dynamic networking environment has not only connected Task Tracker with likeminded portfolio companies but has also accelerated their growth trajectory through meaningful collaborations. A pivotal facet of our collaboration has been our dedicated efforts in assisting Task Tracker with fundraising initiatives. Leveraging our extensive global connections and industry expertise, we've successfully secured investments from international investors, providing Task Tracker with the financial impetus needed to fuel their expansion, fortify operations, and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Guided by the mentorship prowess of individuals like Mr. Deepak Nagpal, Task Tracker has been able to navigate challenges and optimize their path to success. This partnership has been transformative for Task Tracker, and we're thrilled to have played a pivotal role in their journey. Our commitment to supporting their growth, facilitating access to markets, nurturing networking opportunities, and bolstering fundraising endeavors has set Task Tracker on a trajectory of continued triumph and boundless growth."
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