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"Nurturing Innovation: Empowering young minds through Our Campus Entrepreneurship Program"

Why IA- CEP?
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Welcome to IA's Campus Entrepreneurship Program: A collaboration between Academia, Startups and Industry to foster research, catalyze innovation, drive entrepreneurship and create a thriving startup ecosystem. India Accelerator’s Campus Entrepreneurship Program (CEP) identifies student entrepreneurs with distinctive startup ideas to nurture them into fully functioning enterprises. IA CEP incubates grassroots startups with dedicated and domain-specific mentorship, tech-administration and infrastructural support in preparation for seed-stage funding. Entrepreneurship is about personal development, creativity, self-reliance, initiative taking, action orientation, i.e. becoming entrepreneurial. Putting entrepreneurship education into practice has however posed significant challenges. Here is an approach we take or help embellish at your campus: - “about” entrepreneurship - a content-laden and theoretical approach aiming to give a general understanding - “for” entrepreneurship – a practical oriented approach aiming at giving budding entrepreneurs the requisite knowledge and skills - “through” - focusing on action, experiences from the real world, and reflection This approach often leans on the wider definition of entrepreneurship. A wider definition of entrepreneurship helps students with personal development, creativity, self-reliance, initiative-taking, and action orientation, i.e. becoming entrepreneurial in whichever field and way they choose forward in their professional life. While there is a focus on creating a successful idea and possibly helping scale the idea, the intent is for students to learn and implement the process and methods that can help them in their entrepreneurial journey.
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    Core Offerings of IA's CEP
    • With a vision to promote startups and entrepreneurship at the campus, India Accelerator has designed a customizable program designed to empower and invest in youth. The program aims to support budding founder students. Our program offers a comprehensive suite of resources and support, including:
    • Awareness Workshops: Gyan-sessions from who's who of entrepreneurial ecosystems also, India Accelerator (IA) provides options to entrepreneurs to engage in the below awareness workshops and help them be successful in their startup journey:
    • Entrepreneurial Failure Lean Startup Founder's Journey
    • Design Thinking Business Model Ideation
    • Pricing Venture Capital Technology
    • Go to Market Entrepreneurial Law Product Management
    • Internship Opportunities: The program provides various opportunities like internship opportunities for students, managing the alum network to support campus startups.
    • IA Perks: Supporting perks worth more than $250K and graduating the incubating startups into our acceleration program e.g. AWS, ZOHO, GCP, Sendgrid, etc.
    • Incubation + Acceleration Program: 12 months of hand-holding of promising startups through structured program + Turning ideas into successful business model by our Cohort Program, IA provides a dedicated 16 weeks program for startups incubated in the colleges by providing them mentorship that helps the founders to connect with the right mentor and industry expert in their selected domain, thereby helping them solve some of the most pertinent problems faced by startups in their journey.