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Why IA Cipher?
India Accelerator's Cyber-tech division provides an ecosystem that propels startups to the forefront of innovation in the fast-evolving world of cybersecurity. Whether it's threat intelligence, data privacy or network security, our Cyber-tech division is equipped to provide startups with the know-how, mentorship, and access to the strategic capital needed to succeed.
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    Core Offerings of IA Cipher
    • Mentors with domain expertise helping in GTM strategy
    • Clientele, initiating new partnerships to be implored by the startups
    • Leveraging our network for business generation, capturing market.
    • Overcoming user hesitancy to trust a startup with their sensitive data
    • Capital, as tech advancement can be extensive on capital
      Success Stories
      Cipher is one of the first Cybersecurity accelerator in the country, and we are happy to share that one of our startups, Prophaze led by Laksmi Das and Vaisakh has successfully secured the infrastructure of the country from Cyberattack. Prophaze was able to secure the critical airports like Delhi, Goa and Hyderabad from massive DDoS attacks where even the gartner listed products failed.