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What does it take to improve the lives of the Next Half Billion lives in India?

Who are we?
An ecosystem for creating strong, sustainable businesses that deliver measurable and scalable social impact
IA Impact Labs is an ecosystem in association with UNTILs- United Nations Technology Innovation Labs which works with innovators and stakeholders working with an impact and SDG first mission. We have a dedicated program, a mentor board, and partners which support entrepreneurs and purpose-driven startups to help grow into sustainable and scalable businesses. This focused wing of IA identifies and supports enterprises aligning with UN SDGs, are innovative technologies or business models solving for the next hundred million users in India and across. So far, Impact Labs has solutions across Climate Action and Technology, Gender Equity, Microfinance, Assisstive Tech, Poverty Alleviation and DEI. We have also run focused programs in women's entrepreneurship and leadership with Startup India, Invest India, and USAID.
      In the next 5 years, we aim to create an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem which will support solutions to Change the lives of the Next 500 Million People. For this, we are creating an ecosystem to bridge the white spaces across stakeholders who are solving with an Impact & SDG - first mission. Such that this wave of innovation with meaningful returns becomes an independent force of resilience withstanding any change- both inward and outward in the flywheel.

    Moving the needle on the UN SDG

    If you are a passionate founder building to change the course of the wind for a better world, we want to hear from you.
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    Core Offerings of Impact Labs
    Over the years we have learnt from various working models and captured the essence of conscious collaboration for mindful returns in our methods. Today, we have garnered the capability to identify problems and foresee potential innovations, solutions that will help change the course of our societies in the future. We have three main criteria for assessing/measuring impact.
    • Our program has a wide funnel to source startups, social enterprises and socially responsible businesses through our partner organizations, investor and referral programs. We focus on emerging technology and business models where there are a lack of opportunities for impact-first businesses to survive in the market, dearth of finance to test scale and reach 'beneficiary' customer segments. They undergo our evaluation with the board and IC experts to handpick system-challenging solutions and passionate founders.
    • In our Accelerator Program, onboarded solution undergoes a 6-month high-touch and curated engagement program where we understand their pain points, identify areas of support and work on achieving Impact Performance Metrics as well as Business KPIs. This is a nexus of strategy road-mapping leveraging competency of our mentors, opportunistic collaboration within the SDG community, growth funding and scaling through CSR, impact investors, grants and donor agencies.
    • As part of our Ambassadors of Change program, we work with our partners and mentors to give opportunities to social enterprises, not for profit organizations, educational institutions and corporates who driving the mission of change, yet are working in silos. We help access investments and patient capital from early growth to scalability. Mentors provide strategic intervention and guidance with industry and policy-first expertise. After identifying channels of growth and areas of grassroot penetration, we connect with likeminded founders to co-create value chains and offer larger integration while developing relations globally.

      Philosophy and Values

      Impact Compass: Driving India's Entrepreneurship System with Mindful Capital for Social Development & Environmental Change

      Success Stories
      Climate Action and Responsibility
      Over 2 Million + people have been mobilized towards a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 1.5 Mt. of GHG emissions have been off-setted, 65 Lts. of water has been saved and 75 Mt. of waste collected has been treated.
      Impact Labs has helped in Pre-seed and Seed fundraise for SustainKart, to build their portfolio of 200+ certified bio, eco and organic lifestyle brands and reach over 2 million+ customers. Through our financial advisory support and handholding throughout the 2 rounds of investment, we were able to provide them exposure across national and international investors, HNIs and investment funds. We have also helped them screen and enlist some of the brands on their platform through our D2C Vertical and gain exposure and visibility through our network at India's largest D2C E-commerce Summit in 2023.
      Vital Carbon
      After connecting Vital Carbon with our partner, Sahas Zero Waste and Blockchain experts, they are able to build a prototype of 'Trashnet' a smart dustbin which incurred a grant of 40 Lakhs from DST.
      Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
      We reached 1500+ persons with visual impairments and mobility disabilities with solutions that ensure enhancement of quality of life and a dignified income. They are now able to own fundamental resources and skills such as digital access and quality education.
      We have helped Vision to refine their outreach strategy and product quality with our mentors, who helped connect them Enable India, Samarthanam Trust, MantarLee and RBL to maximize reach of their assistive tech products for the visually impaired.
      Livelihood Generation and Sustainable Living
      We have partnered with MIET, Meerut, NRLM, CDO and DM of Meerut and Baghpat to design and execute Zero Waste Village Mission project to upskill women from existing SHGs into organic packaging of handmade jewelry, FMCG, sports. We are connecting them with CSR and service providers while ensuring an upskilling women in next generation skills and constant livelihood generation. goods and utility items.
      We helped Optimizers raise their Pre-seed and Seed round to procure and develop their 200+ optical dispensers and lenses that can help eradicate curable blindness in India. We have been working closely on GTM and strategic financial planning to close tie-ups with leading hospital chains as well as tier 3, 4 PHCs allowing a wider and more affordable reach to their customers.