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Why IA D2C ?
Competing With Industry Giants
India Accelerator's D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) division is focused on augmenting startups that are disrupting traditional retail models through innovative e-commerce strategies. With expertise in customer acquisition, digital marketing, and supply chain optimization, our team of experts is well-equipped to help startups create scalable and sustainable D2C businesses. Leveraging the latest industry trends such as social commerce, influencer marketing, and AI-powered personalization, IA’s mentor-led programs combine customized resources and mentorship to enable D2C startups in creating compelling brand narratives and immersive shopping experiences that resonate with modern consumers.
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    Core Offerings of IA D2C
    Whether it's through subscription models, marketplace integrations, or direct sales, our D2C accelerator program enables startups to drive growth, build customer loyalty, and capture market share in the giant-saturated world of e-commerce by addressing industry pain-points including:
    • Customer acquisition without an established brand reputation or distribution network to rely on.
    • Supply chain and inventory management that ensures timely delivery
    • Gaining a foothold in a fiercely competitive market
    • Cash Flow Management to avoid running out of funds before achieving profitability
    • Customer retention must focus on building long-term relationships with their customers
    • Regulatory compliance related to product safety, data privacy and advertising regulations
    • Enabling hassle-free returns and refunds
    • Scaling operations to meet demand
    • Unique brand building in a crowded market
    • Robust, scalable and upgradable technology infrastructure to manage key e-commerce functions.
    • Working on a disruption for the D2C industry?
      Success Stories
      IA D2C have not only helped strategize business plans but help multiple consumer centric brands to raise funds through StartUp India Seed Fund Scheme for the initial push to accelerate their business. MOPP has achieved an impressive growth rate, expanding by a remarkable factor of 7x. This achievement stands as a testament to the dedication and effectiveness of MOPP's team. The venture's success garnered attention on a larger stage when it appeared on the renowned TV show "Shark Tank," providing an opportunity to showcase its innovative concept to a wider audience. A significant boost to MOPP's journey came in the form of funding from Amit Jain, the visionary founder of CarDekho. This investment not only validates MOPP's potential but also demonstrates the industry's belief in its vision and capabilities. Amit Jain's backing provides MOPP with a solid foundation to enhance its offerings and expand its reach.
      Samosa Party
      What started as a single takeaway store in Bangalore serving eight to nine varieties of samosas is today available across 15 locations in the city, as well as online on food delivery marketplaces and its own website. Samosa Party records 50,000 orders per month, and its customers consume close to 50 lakh samosas a year. More than 80 percent of repeat customers are recorded. From 200 samosas per day in 2017 to over 10,000 per day now; from one outlet in 2017 to 20 now across Bengaluru and Gurugram is how they Samosa Party plans grow in future too.
      Rare Planet
      Rare Planet Handicrafts is looking to provide sustainable income to local artisans by promoting indigenous Indian handicrafts and selling them via ecommerce and direct offline retail.Rare Planet is a D2C brand where the products are made available for purchase across over 60 stores, including Crossword, Starmark, WH Smith, and SAPNA Books. The products can be bought online through the company’s official website along with Flipkart, Amazon, and MenXp. Rare Planet aims to work with 25,000 artisans building authentic handicrafts from Kutch, Jodhpur, Madhubani, Nadia, Saharanpur, Cuttack, and Puri by 2023. The founder says that they made a revenue of Rs 6 crore last year. The owners of this brand, Ranodeep Saha And Vijay Kumar have pitched the in Shark Tank Season 1 and impressed everyone. They bagged a final deal by Namita Thapar.