Virtual Co-Working Spaces

To outlast the competition in the entrepreneurial arena, it is necessary to span the horizon as an opportunity rather than a limitation. If you accelerate beyond the mentioned horizon, there exists a plethora of multiplying scope – withstand the competition and deal right, and you can emerge as not only an entrepreneur but also a key player in your respective field. 

In today’s date, choosing entrepreneurship as a career path has been ruled out as a trend. In India itself, there exist nearly 15 million people who work from home. The actual potential of these aspiring entrepreneurs is put to test when the notion of working in a co-working space is set into motion. 

Absorb, interpret, learn, and apply – a co-working space holds aspects that are hard to turn  down if you are driven by the will to persist.

In India, co-working office spaces have been welcomed with open arms. People not only appreciate their presence but also use the accompanying privileges to boost their growth in the market. For your consideration, here’s an example that stands true to the notion:

India Accelerator’s premium co-working spaces cater to the needs of budding entrepreneurs. At the moment, the presence of the co-working is felt in Gurgaon and Bangalore, with the former encompassing four co-working spaces. Staggering demand, unflinching supply, isn’t it?

Let’s not keep our talks limited to just the entrepreneurs or co-working spaces – for ambitions and accomplishments are multiplying. Why, though? Because means are rocketing, opportunities are popping up at a constant high – the world is changing and with it, we are undergoing a transformation, only to bring about an accelerated change that contributes to one’s success and overall social development. It’s a circle, per se. 

For instance, let’s consider internet speed. Remember, a decade ago, the internet used to lag. Today the world’s internet speeds have increased by more than 30% just in 2017. The world is changing – rapidly.

This ever-lingering change, makes one wonder, what does the near future of entrepreneurs hold? Here are some predictions: 

Transference of Co-working into Virtual Co-working

Competitive entrepreneurs prefer co-working spaces. 

Why? Because a co-working space comes with its share of perks. It provides an environment that’s vocal of an interactive learning experience. Do your thing, observe what others are indulging into, grasp what’s worth it, discard what doesn’t appeal to your venture – and ultimately grow. 

This is the only reason that when an entrepreneur’s dreams, hopes, and ambitions multiply, the necessity of co-working spaces also grows in order to accommodate more admissions. In the future, we look forward to virtual co-working spaces, in which a person shall live and work in a virtual room, and keep in touch with other co-working members via an online portal that enables end-to-end communication that’s present in co-working spaces that exist today.

 Co-living to Purposeful Co-living

Co-working is one aspect, Co-living is another – entirely different aspect, but both are connected via a universal truth:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn said the above, and we agree. Wouldn’t it be swell to live with people, pals, co-workers, so to say, with whom you spend most of the time during the day? From working hours to after hours, like-minded individuals blend together like celebratory drink and success. Why not live with those with whom you work – why not live, work and give dreams to your independent  dreams – together. Delhi is overly populated, Gurgaon is en route to step and walk in its shoes – why live with a room-mate who doesn’t catalyse, but rather hinder your work? Live with someone who gets you, whom you understand, so that you can together influence and propel one another, and possibly, change the world.

 How Far Is The Future?

It’s here. It’s nearly here. So far, on an experimental basis, the concept of co-working and co-living have proved to be rewarding, with respect to an entrepreneur’s life. Considering the weight of facts, 74% of co-workers said in a survey that they were more productive. With accessibility, practicality, and cheaper availability of needs, it’s easier to dive deep into opportunities, and make every moment, an approach to lasting achievements. 

Seize the moment entrepreneurs, seize the moment and thrive!

IA Team