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Should Startups be expecting CSR Grants?

India Inc and start-ups have had a cosy relationship, especially visible in a lot of events. Indian industry has found a growing passion for supporting

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Outsourced vs Inhouse: How to choose for Accounting and Finance.

As a start-up, usually the founder (one or more) are wearers of many hats from that of Strategy to Finance to Administration. It is a

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Getting married? Launch a Start-up first!

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. I wish I could take the credit for these profound lines

An Ode to Artificial Intelligence and its Adoption

As computing and storage went cheaper, Big Data came up. The words being used as buzz shifted to the machine and deep machine learning when


Entrepreneurship development is “The buzzword” which is attracting a lot of people in India in general and especially women in particular. With rising unemployment, Indian

Lights, Camera, Action!

I liked Chhichhore, the film was all about the carefree college and hostel days. It was the sort of film that we can all add

Startup Culture: Holding the business together

Getting a business off the ground is not easy. We all know that. Launching a venture is a constant juggling exercise: customer validation, MVP building,

Agri Entrepreneurship : A Guide for Founders and Investors

I am in a unique position – being perhaps one of those rare agribusiness-professionals in the world, who has had operational experience in agri supply

Farms On Portfolios

This article was orginally published in https://shekels.substack.com/p/farms-on-portfolios/ The agri-tech sector in India, has rarely been the focus sector in the government schemes, nor has been

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