Just a decade back freelancing was something hardly heard of and you could find a freelancer only through reference. But with the internet coming into perspective, a lot of freelancers found a platform where they could display their work. Still not so effective, freelancing only took up some pace in recent years. What was done earlier only through word of mouth has gained a more stable position in the market with the coming of the CoWork establishments.

A lifesaver to not just small businesses and startups but also for freelancers; CoWork has been witnessing a sea of freelancers around. What was earlier worked out in coffee shops is now being followed-up at CoWorking spaces. These seas of startups and freelancers have been able to perfectly mingle and find robust business allies in each other.

To this perspective, a monthly fee doesn’t seem a challenge to freelancers. To them, CoWorks have become business hubs. And that is because; it is not just about the business coming from one CoWorking space or the space one have been using. The freelancers have come upon this gold mine where one gains from the entire CoWork ecosystem.

The web of co-work is doing well for a lot of reasons and that is the reason why the freelancers are able to build a decent amount of business for themselves. A stable location and web both enable the community to establish things with better contingency.

Networking is the one thing freelancers were unable to do earlier because of lack of physical connectivity. All the business generally used to take place on email or call, and this hampered the prospects when it came to marketing themselves.

Now, we all know with CoWorking the businesses know where to find freelancers and freelancers where to find businesses. The whole process comes full circle here when you think in terms of the demand and supply chain.

The small-scale businesses cannot hire employees for certain requirements which are not permanent, such as; website design, web application, content, mobile app, etc. So, it is more convenient to hire someone on a project basis.

Hence, the rise of the freelancing community is because the CoWorking created free- falling space for them to work around and in turn, they created new business allies for themselves finding the way to utilize CoWork to the utmost advantage.