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Sales! It is the driving factor for e-commerce and multi-brand online retail stores, food ordering apps, etc, across the world. Another thing all e-commerce platforms have is the search bar! Technology has allowed for such better advertising and targeting in today’s world. However, one of the elements of the tech platforms that have to see significant technological advancement is the search bar. In order to get to a particular product, a user has to know what keywords to type to get appropriate results.

However, imagine this, a smart search bar which works on UI analytics and search history to drive your customers directly to sales rather than them trying different search keywords, wasting time in idle thinking and ultimately leaving your site. This, precisely, is the work of Searchbar.AI, the new generation search bar for businesses and customers alike. Searchbar.AI aims to get rid of the old system of the search bar, wherein customers have to think and type – and replace it by redirecting the consumers directly to their preferred purchases by providing insightful suggestions.

As opposed to a plain advertising look, Searchbar.AI uses search advertising interfaces that are improved and more social with multi-brand retail, in order to attract a more impressionable audience. Searchbar.AI also has an AI interaction bot which differs from every other chatbot out there, since it’s  an interactive chatbot which helps people find specific sections of the website based on the preferences of the user.

Why do you need an evolved search bar?

When it comes to online sales platforms, it is vital that marketers understand the critical importance of every second a customer spends on their website. Surveys reveal that a visitor on your website will stay for an average of 2 minutes and 17 seconds at max, before bouncing to another site. It becomes vital, therefore, to grab the prospective consumer’s interest and attention as soon as possible towards products they yearn for the most.

In addition to this, companies lose 20% of sales when visitors spend time on idle thinking. There is a lot of advertising money being spent in today’s market environment on Search Marketing, which ideally works on the basis of the consumer having to type keywords repetitively. An average of 30% of business is lost within seconds when users stop exploring the website. A HUGE loss, indeed. The team at Searchbar.AI absolutely resents this loss of conversion, and thus, have created something to sharpen up your search bar.

About Searchbar.AI

Searchbar.AI, founded by Pratik Sharma, CEO and Anupam Appar, CTO, are a bunch who are passionate about providing powerful implementations of software solutions. This software solution essentially aims at driving a higher volume of sales via two aspects:

  • Ease of user search
  • Ease of marketing for companies through search

Searchbar.AI got accepted into the Spring Cohort 2019 batch of India Accelerator, a startup accelerator program for unparalleled mentorship and fast-paced growth. This association with the cohort program is helping this startup scale up rapidly. In addition, Searchbar.AI is entitled to advanced technology and business services in a dedicated incubation space. Included in this set of perks is a capital amounting to ₹ 20-25 lakh cash perks, and a chance to attain further funding after demo-day. Searchbar.AI will also be given the stage to build teams which can assist with finding the right product-market fit and also draw out market-specific growth plans.

In a nutshell, Searchbar.AI is hoping to cut down the time where customers think upon what to search for, by showing them suggestions based on User Behaviour Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI to drive customers faster to sales and have better audience retention, which of course, are key components to ultimately drive a higher volume of sales.

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